Supreme Court Reserves Decision on PDP, APC Appeals Challenging Governor Otti’s Election Validity in Abia State

Election Nullification Appeals

The Supreme Court is deliberating on appeals contesting the validity of Governor Alex Otti’s election in Abia State.

The appeals were filed by Chief Okey Ahiwe of the PDP and Chief Ikechi Emenike of the APC, challenging Otti’s victory based on various discrepancies and alleged irregularities.

Disputed Votes and Allegations

Chief Ahiwe raised concerns about the exclusion of approximately 84,000 votes during the collation process, claiming this affected the election results.

Meanwhile, Chief Emenike argued that Otti was not a valid nominee for the election as he purportedly wasn’t a member of the Labour Party during the poll.

Previous Tribunal and Appellate Court Decisions

Earlier lawsuits against Otti by both PDP and APC candidates were dismissed by a tribunal and the Court of Appeal in Lagos.

The concurrent decisions by these courts upheld Otti’s victory, prompting the appeals to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Proceedings

A five-member panel, led by Justice Inyang Okoro, heard arguments from all parties involved.

After the adoption of their briefs of argument, the apex court reserved its judgment, postponing the verdict to a later date yet to be communicated to the parties.

The pending judgment by the Supreme Court regarding these appeals remains pivotal in determining the legitimacy of Governor Otti’s election in Abia State.

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