Steps to starting a new blog in 2021

Blogging is a full time job, and can be profitable as such. It all depends on how much investment and dedication you are willing to give.

Blogging does not require a lot of investment in terms of money, but in terms of time and dedication, if you are planing on making some tangible money out of your blog, then you definitely need to invest a lot of time and commitment.

But before you start, you need to setup your blog online by following the steps below:

Choose your domain name

A domain name is the name you want your blog to bear on the internet. It is an important decision at the start because it’s not easy changing or building a new domain name once you start your blog.

Your domain name can be a word – a name of a person, place or phrase without adding a space or special character between two or more words.

Examples of domain names are:


Host your domain

To make your website available 24/7 worldwide, you need to host it on the cloud using one of the many hosting services available.

Bloglabs lets you start a standard blog without stress on your end. BlogLabs and the Blog Labs community is for those looking to start a professional blog easily. The goal is to help you build a blog you are proud of with a passionate audience that allows you to build a thriving blogging business, create the income you desire all while having 100% control over your business and how you make money, all with zero stress. BlogLabs was created by TheMaples.

Design your interface

Next step is to design your website. You can use an already designed theme or you can have a professional design your website for you. Using Bloglabs gets you past this step without any effort on your end.

Start blogging

The next and the most important step is to actually start blogging. That is where the hardwork is on your end. You need to choose a niche you want to write on and concentrate on it. You may decide to go general and write on anything you like or you may decide to write only on food or tech or science. As long as you are continuously writing and keeping your content fresh, you’ll soon start getting offers and avderts and start making some money.

You should be able to recover all funds spent on starting your blog by the 3rd month after which you’ll start making profit.