Stephen A. Smith says he has “personal” issues with Kyrie Irving and his father

Stephen A. Smith says he has “personal” issues with Kyrie Irving and his father

During an interview on “The Mike Missanelli Podcast” on Tuesday, Stephen A. Smith revealed that he has “personal” issues with Kyrie Irving and his father, Drederick.

Smith made it clear that his differences with the Irvings do not affect his reporting or analysis of the Mavericks guard.

Smith mentioned their beef while discussing a heated moment he had with Jay Williams on “First Take” in February, when they debated Irving’s trade to the Mavericks.

Smith declined to elaborate on the matter any further.

The day after Smith’s interview, Irving went on a Twitch rant, criticizing fans and media for thinking they know who he is after seeing him play basketball for just three hours.

Smith has been critical of Irving on “First Take” for a variety of reasons, including his vaccine situation.

Last month, Smith and Williams had a fiery exchange about Irving’s reputation after the Nets traded him to the Mavericks.

In January, they argued about Irving and the COVID-19 vaccine, with Smith accusing Williams of being an Irving apologist.


Smith has been vocal about his criticisms of Irving’s on-court performance, including his absence from work during the 2021-22 season, where he played in only 29 games.

Despite his personal issues with the Irvings, Smith emphasized that his reporting and perspective are based solely on the facts.

The Mavericks acquired Irving in February after he requested a trade out of Brooklyn due to unsuccessful contract negotiations.

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