Stanford Law School’s dean apologizes to Judge Kyle Duncan

Stanford Law School’s dean apologizes to Judge Kyle Duncan

Stanford Law School’s dean, Jenny Martinez, recently apologized to Judge Kyle Duncan after he was heckled during a talk on March 9th.

Duncan, appointed by Donald Trump, was invited to speak by the Stanford chapter of the Federalist Society but was unable to deliver his speech due to student protests.

After the incident, Martinez found her classroom whiteboard covered in fliers questioning her apology to Duncan, and masked students confronted her.

The students, dressed in black masks, lined the corridor in silence, holding signs that read ‘Counter-speech is free speech.’

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the group represented nearly a third of the law school, with 50 out of 60 students from Martinez’s constitutional law class participating in the protest.

Students who did not join the protest were shunned by their peers, according to Luke Schumacher, a first-year law student.

Martinez’s apology to Duncan, co-signed by Marc Tessier-Lavigne, president of Stanford University, angered several student groups, including the American Constitution Society.

Some students believed that the apology framed Duncan as a victim when, in fact, he made civil dialogue impossible.

Four Stanford students wrote in The Stanford Review that the apology was meaningless unless the dean of equity, who led the protests against Duncan and encouraged students to walk out of the talk, was fired.

During the talk, Duncan was ambushed by the associate dean of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Tirien Steinbach, who initially claimed that Duncan had a right to express his views.

However, she then launched into a six-minute speech condemning his work, causing some students to heckle and chant in agreement.

Duncan later told Reuters that he felt ambushed and that the incident was a setup.

He compared the incident to similar protests at other law schools, including Yale and Georgetown.

Some federal court judges have said they will no longer hire clerks from Yale over fears they will end up with woke social justice warriors who cannot represent someone whose views they find offensive.

Similarly, Stanford law students could now find themselves shunned, with the school being one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States.

Duncan said that such behavior does not work in a courtroom, and it remains to be seen if these actions will have any impact on the future careers of the students involved.

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