South Korea Halloween stampede fire chief gives dead toll update

South Korea Halloween stampede fire chief gives dead toll update

In a video, a firefighter from South Korea can be seen quaking as he speaks to the media about the Halloween stampede that claimed more than 150 lives.

Last night, a crush in Seoul resulted in 153 fatalities and 82 injuries as large crowds gathered for a Halloween event in the well-known nightlife district Itaewon.

Online users have posted videos of Yongsan Fire Department Chief Choi Seong-beom calmly notifying the media that the number of those killed in the mob crush has increased.

The ‘heartbreaking’ footage, which was captured a few hours after the fatal occurrence, shows the worn-out rescue worker trembling just a little while holding the microphone.

Responding to the video online, viewers expressed their sympathy to Choi Seong-beom and the other emergency personnel who attended the horrific occurrence.

One of the worst crowd crushes in recent memory required the assistance of more than 1,700 emergency personnel from all throughout South Korea, including roughly 520 firemen, 1,100 police officers, and 70 government employees.

More video taken from above the street saw hundreds of first responders frantically doing CPR on victims laying on the pavement.

The person who posted the footage on the internet said, “I am concerned about the pain that everyone who was there is going through. I hope that the nation would accept responsibility for the accident that all the people who were deployed today experienced and support trauma treatment.

“You know it’s stressful when the chief of the fire department has shaky hands,” Racheal said.

Being a first responder to a terrible catastrophe during a celebration would affect even those who are used to sorrow, a different person tweeted.

I feel for him, can you fathom being me, Reid added. I do offer prayers for all the police officers, first responders, and those who assisted in handling the tragedy.

His hands could be shaking from CPR, according to one Twitter user, while another added: “This is horrible.” I hope they can all get free counseling.

Following reports that individuals “dropped like dominoes” at approximately 10:30 p.m. during the catastrophic crush at the Halloween celebration, where a 100,000-person throng had congregated in congested streets, South Korea has now proclaimed a week of mourning.

According to reports, dozens of people had cardiac arrests, and as of right now, 153 people have died, including at least 19 foreigners. Many of the deceased were women in their 20s.

President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea proclaimed this week to be a time of national mourning and said that the fatal stampede “should not have occurred” after visiting the scene earlier today.

Yoon said in a national speech that “a catastrophe and calamity occurred in the center of Seoul that should not have happened” and vowed to “thoroughly examine” the situation to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

According to reports from yesterday night, some partygoers persisted in partying in the neighborhood even after the crush, defying the police’s pleadings for them to go home.

»South Korea Halloween stampede fire chief gives dead toll update«

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