South Africa’s richest teacher says her pupils are not perverts

South Africa’s richest teacher says her pupils are not perverts

Lulu Menziwa, one of South Africa’s “richest” teachers, has spoken out about her “sexy” social media posts in the following video.

Lulu Menziwa, a teacher from KwaZulu-Natal who has been called the richest and prettiest teacher in South Africa, said she is sick of people making fun of her on social media.

A Twitter follower of the well-known “beautiful” teacher Lulu Menziwa released an Instagram video in which she responded to haters.

“Be busy, they’re hiding on their profiles,” she remarked. You look so awful. Please put an end to it. That no longer appeals to me. I’m aware that I’m now well-known since I’m being discussed everywhere and on the radio… “Hello, this teacher.” I don’t instruct your children. Do you have children who attend my school? No, therefore halt it immediately. Hey, hey, how are the boys doing? You’re also overlooking one thing. I don’t instruct students your age. I don’t instruct students who are 25 to 40 years old. They don’t have the same distorted mentality as you have, and my kids are younger. So you’re come here, wondering how I’m going to succeed or fail. Voetsek!”

Menziwa continued, “I’m tired of people judging my images on social media because I’m a teacher, so please mind your business and keep it moving.” She then urged her followers to do the same when they see her pictures online.

This is in response to @AdvoBarryRoux calling her out for posting photos of herself in her bikini online, saying that South Africa is the only African nation without morality and ethics and that we have misconstrued human rights. Exists a code of behavior for SAES? Imagine being exposed to your teacher’s posts on social media on a regular basis.

»South Africa’s richest teacher says her pupils are not perverts«

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