South Africa scored 19th on the Global Organized Crime Index

According to a survey by the Global Organized Crime Index, South Africa was the 19th most criminally active nation out of 193.

Trafficking in persons in SA

According to the 188-page research, SA is a destination for human trafficking.

The research said that traffickers are known to lure impoverished, rural residents to metropolitan areas where they are then coerced into domestic slavery, sex trafficking, and other types of forced labour.

According to the research, the migration of foreign nationals is connected to a significant corruption industry in the nation. This mostly has to do with paperwork and the act of crossing borders without a passport by paying a bribe.

Arms flow inside SA

According to the research, there is a large flow of weapons into SA, and criminals mostly use these weapons to intimidate, harm, and murder people.

There are a variety of methods that these criminals get guns, but more recent local sources include firearms that have been taken from the State or misplaced by lawful gun owners.


According to the research, Afghan heroin that travels by sea, air, or land is both destined for and transshipped via Mzansi. Organized crime gangs dominate the heroin market.

The investigation said that border, customs, and police personnel were allegedly engaged in assisting the drug’s distribution and passage throughout the nation.

The use and trafficking of cocaine have both increased dramatically.

Great criminality and high adaptability

One of nine nations in the world with high crime and high resilience is South Africa. These are nations with high rates of criminal activity that have also created “strong structures and processes” to combat organised crime, according to the research.

The bulk of these nations rank among the economic powerhouses in their respective areas, which is what is instantly noteworthy about them, it said.

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