Solidarity with Ukraine: Rishi Sunak Pledges Hundreds of New Attack Drones and Air Defense Systems

Solidarity with Ukraine: Rishi Sunak Pledges Hundreds of New Attack Drones and Air Defense Systems

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Rishi Sunak pledges support to Ukraine with new military aid


Ahead of a meeting between Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has promised Ukraine hundreds of new long-range attack drones.

The meeting, set to take place at Chequers, will involve substantial negotiations over military aid.

This move aims to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

New Military Aid for Ukraine:

Rishi Sunak will confirm the provision of several types of military equipment, including air defense missiles and unmanned aerial systems.

Notably, the attack drones possess an impressive range of over 200 kilometers, significantly bolstering Ukraine’s capabilities.


The British government’s decision to provide Storm Shadow precision missiles to Ukraine last week marked the inclusion of the country’s first long-range cruise missile in its arsenal.

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Importance of the Weapons:

Downing Street emphasized the critical role these weapons play in protecting Ukraine’s vital national infrastructure.

Given the relentless bombardment that Ukraine has faced, these defensive measures are crucial in their resistance against aggression.

The sustained support from the international community is deemed essential for Ukraine’s defense.

Expanding Training and Collaborations:

Britain intends to strengthen the training of Ukrainian pilots to operate fighter jets during the upcoming summer.

The elementary flying phase for Ukrainian pilot cohorts will coincide with collaborative efforts between the UK and other countries to provide F16s.

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This comprehensive approach aims to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities in multiple aspects.

Rishi Sunak’s Statement:

Rishi Sunak expressed the significance of supporting Ukraine during this critical time.

He acknowledged that Ukraine is currently facing an aggressive war that it did not initiate or provoke.

The international community’s continued support is vital in defending Ukraine against the unrelenting and indiscriminate attacks it has endured for over a year.

Sunak emphasized that it is in the interest of all nations to ensure Ukraine’s success and not reward Putin’s aggression.

International Engagements:

In addition to the meeting with Zelensky, Rishi Sunak’s visit coincides with the Council of Europe Summit in Iceland and the upcoming G7 Summit in Japan.

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These gatherings provide opportunities for the Prime Minister to advocate for sustained international support in Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

It also highlights Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO, with Zelensky expected to attend the next major NATO summit in person.


Rishi Sunak’s promise of new military aid to Ukraine demonstrates the UK’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s defense against aggression.

The provision of long-range attack drones and other essential equipment will significantly enhance Ukraine’s capabilities.

The visit also aligns with efforts to garner international support for Ukraine in various forums, emphasizing the importance of standing in solidarity with the country.


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