Solana Blockchain Leads in Carbon Emissions Transparency with Real-Time Tracking Dashboard

Solana Blockchain Leads in Carbon Emissions Transparency with Real-Time Tracking Dashboard

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Solana Foundation and Trycarbonara Launch Real-Time Tracking Dashboard for Carbon Emissions on the Solana Blockchain


The Solana Foundation, in partnership with Trycarbonara, has announced the launch of a new real-time tracking dashboard designed to measure carbon emissions on the Solana blockchain.

This development represents a significant milestone, with Solana becoming one of the first blockchains to have its emissions measured in real time.

The dashboard is accessible on the Solana Climate website and displays various indicators such as total node count, megawatt-hours, total carbon emissions average and marginal use, as well as comparison charts that help put the carbon footprint of the Solana blockchain and individual interactions with the chain in perspective.

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Setting a New Standard for Carbon Emissions Transparency in Blockchain

According to the Solana Foundation, this move will set a new standard for measuring emissions in the blockchain ecosystem, as the data used to power the real-time carbon emissions dashboard is available open source and is modeled on the estimated carbon footprint of the Dell PowerEdge R940.

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The foundation hopes this initiative will spur a trend towards carbon emissions transparency in the blockchain industry.


Increasing Global Efforts to Monitor Carbon Emissions Using Blockchain

The European Commission has praised blockchain technology’s ability to serve as a foundation for the accurate measurement of carbon emissions in any sector as part of its “Shaping Europe’s digital future” initiative.

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In the US, President Joe Biden has proposed budget plans that would add an excise on electricity used for cryptocurrency mining in the amount of 30%.

Overall, the launch of the Solana Foundation’s real-time tracking dashboard for carbon emissions represents a significant step forward in the efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable practices in the blockchain industry.


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