Snake catcher battles 6-foot-long brown snake for an hour

Snake catcher battles 6-foot-long brown snake for an hour

A snake catcher was involved in a more than one-hour battle with a lethal creature after discovering a six-foot-long brown snake in a family’s kitchen.

This week, the fearsome and enraged brown snake visited Rob and De Patterson in their Upper Hunter, NSW, home.

Mr. Patterson thanked Andrew, a local snake handler, on Facebook for getting the most poisonous snake in the world off their almost 700-acre property.

According to the native of Merriwa, the catcher prevented him from “having to burn the home down.”

His wife, Ms. Patterson, told NewsLocal that she had never had a snake inside her house despite seeing more of them in recent weeks.

She said, “He got into the pantry and under a little freezer and we couldn’t see where it went so I thought we should just set the house on fire but [my husband] wasn’t for that.”

I’ve seen a lot of them outside, but I’ve never had one inside. However, given the current abundance of feed and the recent mice pandemic, … right now, there are frogs, plenty of rain, and a dam not far from the home. He was huge, obese, and in good health.

Andrew Luke, a snake trainer and nearby paramedic, rushed to the family’s aid, but it wasn’t simple; it took him more than an hour to get rid of the largest snake he has ever handled.

The six-foot-plus brown snake was upset at being disturbed while enjoying its cozy hiding spot under the freezer. The next several minutes were spent attempting to lure him out of his hiding place and send him on his way, according to Mr. Luke.

It’s undoubtedly the largest one I’ve ever handled; I am over six feet tall, and in order to safely get him out of the home and into the bag, I had to be virtually at full reach with my palm on his tail while his head was still on the ground.

The horrifying experience occurs as snake sightings in Australia are on the rise as the slithery reptiles enter backyards and houses in quest of food.

Since the winter cold is gone, rising temperatures in the country’s east have caused snakes to venture forth in search of a companion and a food.

Although snakes don’t hibernate during the winter months, they do enter a condition known as “brumation” when they sleep for extended periods of time, which makes them less active and less likely to hunt.

After the inland taipan, brown snakes are regarded as the second-most poisonous snakes in the world.

If neglected, brown snake bites may cause a human’s death in thirty minutes.

A brown snake bit a guy in western Sydney in October, causing him to be transported to the hospital.

The 30-year-old guy was bitten at the well-liked by families Lizard Log nature playground in Abbotsbury, Western Sydney Parklands.

Snake removal requests for houses or backyards were made around six times every day, Central Coast snake catcher Matt Stopford said 9News.

They are now only emerging from their state of torpor, warming up, and moving about in search of mates and food, the man said.

»Snake catcher battles 6-foot-long brown snake for an hour«

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