Sky’s Sophie Ridge describes MP Paul Blomfield’s terminally-ill father’s suicide

Sky’s Sophie Ridge describes MP Paul Blomfield’s terminally-ill father’s suicide

Sky News anchor Sophie Ridge consoled Labour MP Paul Blomfield as he told of his father’s suicide in an emotive plea for a reform in the law on assisted dying.

He bravely spoke about the suicide to highlight views on a need to change assisted dying law

The 69-year-old representative for Sheffield Central revealed on Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday that he received a phone call notifying him that his father, Harry, had committed himself more than eight years earlier.

His 87-year-old father was diagnosed with lung cancer that was incurable.

Ms. Ridge comforted him during the interview by placing her hand on his as he became emotional while speaking about it.

It occurred as Mr. Blomfield felt emotional and told the host, “I believe he decided to leave early because he wanted to act while he still could.”

If he had been able to communicate, I believe we could have planned together, he would have lived longer, and he would have been able to die surrounded by his family.

He courageously spoke about the suicide to underscore the need for assisted dying law reform.

69-year-old MP Paul Blomfield spoke eloquently about his father Harry’s suicide death and became emotional.

Mr. Blomfield stated that the current law prohibiting assisted suicide made life “miserable” for terminally ill patients and their loved ones.

Currently, the Suicide Act of 1961 imposes a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail for anyone guilty of aiding a suicide.

MP Paul Blomfield, 69, spoke movingly about his father Harry's suicide death and got upset

He stated, “The law stops people from having a choice towards the end of their lives, and it compels them to take extreme actions, as my father did.”

Even discussing plans with family members would make them complicit, and some individuals have been prosecuted for doing so.

MP Paul Blomfield speaking in the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions.

“I want to see a reform in the law that offers individuals a choice, so that those with a terminal prognosis of six months or less can choose when to die rather than endure a painful death,” the author writes.

Mr. Blomfield stated that his father served as an RAF pilot during the war before pursuing a business career, adding, ‘He was a wonderful parent.’

He disregarded resistance to a modification in the legislation on the grounds that families could exert pressure on individuals to commit suicide prematurely.

Paul Blomfield and his father Harry watching a Sheffield United football match together

He stated, “I find it disrespectful because the majority of individuals want their loved ones to live longer.”

My father would have lived longer had it not been for the pressure he felt to end his life as soon as he was able, while he still had the capacity to do so, because he had witnessed friends die tragically.Labour MP Paul Blomfield's father Harry in RAF pilot's uniform in a picture from his early life

He continued, “Far of the conversation around assisted dying is focused on what the landscape would look like if we changed the legislation; we need to pay much more attention to what the law actually does to individuals and the pain it causes; therefore, not altering the law causes grave harm to people.”

Mr. Blomfield stated that a recent survey revealed that 81% of people supported a change in the legislation and added, ‘I believe it’s only a matter of time, but the question is how many people will needlessly suffer until Parliament catches up with public opinion?

MP Paul Blomfield speaking during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons

A representative for the Ministry of Justice stated, “Our sympathy remain with the families and loved ones touched by these profoundly distressing incidents.”

Individual legislators, not the government, are responsible for evaluating any proposed changes to the legislation in a sensitive and significant issue.


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