Simple trick to call someone who blocked you in Nigeria

There are many reasons people block others on phone. Sometimes its the caller’s fault, most times it’s the receiver trying to run away from the wrath of the caller.

So if someone is in your debt and you really need to reach them and give them the talk of their life but they’ve blocked you, now you can always reach them and they wont be able to block you again.


To call someone who has blocked you, simply edit the number before call and add #31# to the front of the number like this – #31#08012345678, then dial the number.

Your call will go through and the receiver will see your call as coming from a private number, so they won’t know it’s you neither will they be able to block your calls again.

Hopefully this will work for you but some people have said it doesn’t work on their phoneline.


Like the previous option (if it doesn’t work for you), appending *67 in front of the number you are about to dial might work. It will also show on the receiver’s phone as unknown or private. They won’t be able to block you but they can still choose not to pick the call anyway.

Hidden identity

This keeps the receiving phone from knowing who is calling. Your number will not appear, and your ID will be listed as “Hidden”.

  • To disguise your caller ID on IOS (iPhone), go to your Settings App, “Phone” section of the settings, and select “Show My Caller ID”. Then, slide it to “Off” position.
  • For Android, go to Settings > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID. Select Hide Number. Your calls will remain anonymous and you can bypass the blocked list.

One of these options should work for you, but if they don’t, simply call with another line.

If someone has duped you or ran off with your money, remember every active phone number has now been linked to each user’s National Identification Number NIN in Nigeria. So promptly report to the appropriate authorities and have your matter sorted out.

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