Simple DIY tips for washing mainatainence at Home

The majority of people rely on washing machines to perform the tedious work of washing clothes. From normal wear like tops, pants, t-shirts, to heavier clothes like curtains, bedsheets, & towels, these washing machines have made our lives better & more peaceful. It makes sense, thus, to keep these running in proper condition.


Traditional washing machine repair goes a lengthy way in supporting these machines and lasts for several years to come. The actual truth is, you and even your family can perform most of these things right at home.


10 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Check out some of the basic as well as useful washing machine maintenance tips that will aid you to take care of your machine in a better way.


Deep Cleaning 

Most of us expect our washing machines to give 100% each time. But, it is not always the scenario. Washing machines difficulties appear and the appliances begin to lose their effectiveness after a point of time. You might observe that your garments are not coming out as fresh and clean as they used to when the appliance was new. The principal cause behind this is the scaling that happens due to the micro-residuals staying in the water. It can be a severe issue in states that have hard water. In such situations, you must deep clean your appliance a bit more. Make sure to employ a strong machine cleaner that can be able to eliminate all the scaling without even harming the plastic & metal elements of the appliance. It does not inevitably mean you need to purchase the most costly machine cleaner in the market; however, also purchasing the most budget-friendly one is not recommended.


Clean the Rubber Gasket 

It is an essential component of your appliance that suffers many wear & tear. The rubber gasket wraps the end part of the washer-dryer & defends your clothes from damage & your hands from any fine edges. Be it a top load or a front-load machine, a limited amount of micro dust components enter it each time you invoke the door. These dust components often accumulate on the sides & edges of the gasket. The softener particles & detergent also leave trash on the gasket. Being placed outside the tub, it suffers from frequent spills however remains dirty as we tend to neglect it completely. It is another cause you must clean the rubber gasket regularly with a damp cloth. Performing it once a week may suffice.


Protect the Finish 

Clean & new-looking home appliances improve the appearance of your house. But, an outdated washing machine normally does not look good & might even impair the expression of the room or the home. People often avoid this aspect & neglect to clean the top or outside of the machine. Front-load machines suffer the most from this. Their open top surface makes them a magnet for miscellaneous stuff that keeps accumulating on them. People often forget that despite being heavy pieces of appliances, washing machines are pretty delicate & need proper care, both in terms of their appearances & working abilities. The tricks to keep the appliance looking new are simple.


Try to clean the sides & top of your machine with an authentic glass cleaner so that it doesn’t harm the finish. Maintaining the factory finish is one of the most convenient ways to keep the washing machine looking good & bright for a long time. Moreover, make sure to cover the machine when not in use & never put any sort of heavy stuff on top. Well, it will restrict scratches from developing.


Prevent from Spillage 

Washing machines also accumulate residues from cleanser spillage. Despite your efforts to utilize good quality detergents in the market, their trash becomes sticky over time & begins to smell bad. The most reliable way to wipe this sticky residue is to clean it with a gentle dishwashing cleaner. Moreover, don’t neglect to clean the interior of the drum with a wet cloth as it also produces lint, detergent & dirt debris over time.


Leave the Door Open 

Always leave the door immediately after using it. Keep in mind it is one of the largest blunders that most people often make while using their washing machine. They usually believe that keeping the door open can accumulate dust & dirt inside the machine. To be very honest, it is true to a certain extent however it doesn’t mean that you need to close it on an immediate basis. Try to leave the door open at least for 15 to 30 minutes, it will help to eliminate the moisture and restrict bacteria & mould build-up in your machine. It also helps to dry up the tub in the correct manner & protects gentle elements from damage caused by moisture. The most convenient way to assure the inside has no moisture is to clean it off with a thick towel 20 to 30 minutes after the wiping has ended & the leftover moisture has completely dried out.


Clean the Detergent & Fabric Softener Dispensers 

The fully automatic washing machine has different containers for fabric softeners & detergent. These machines mix these materials with water & pour them into the tub. It is an impartially clean method as you don’t need to wait for them to blend in the water & then put on your clothes. But, continued use of these containers without decent cleaning can make them refuge for germs & concentrated toxic elements. This builds up a thin & green texture that feels grimy to touch. Assume your garments are being washed in the extract of this toxic bacteria build-up. It can contaminate your machine & can also influence the quality of cleaning too. So, if you want to get rid of such scenarios, then make sure to clean the dispensers on a daily basis.


Keep Monitoring the Hoses 

For a steady and constant flow of water both outwards & inwards of your machine, you need to keep an eye on the hoses. Both fully automatic & semi-automatic washing machines have 3 hoses of which 2 are inlets & the last one is an outlet. Here, you need to be sure that the inlets are attached to the water source & have no leaks or cracks. It can stop the wastage of water too. Moreover, don’t neglect to review the condition of the drain hose or outlet from time to time. As it takes out the polluted water, micro fabric particles & lint often build up in the drain filter & obstruct the pipe. In case of such a problem, attempt to unblock it by visiting a professional technician from a reputed company or entirely replace the drainpipe with another one.


Wash the Filter 

Semi-automatic machines contain a lint filter inside the washing tub. And the filter extorts the lint & other dust particles from the washing method & assembles them in a bag. Well, you need to clean this filter at least twice a month. It is because when the filter is full, this is not able to accumulate the debris which continues to remain in the water. The dirt and grime can get stuck on your garments and build up in the washing machine too. And, in turn, will decrease the life of your machine & highly affect its performance. In certain extreme cases, it can potentially harm the agitator or pulsator as well. You didn’t believe that such a minor matter might cost you so much, Therefore, begin the cleaning of the filters at least once a month.


Use It Carefully 

Your washing machine might have some high washing ability & a powerful motor, however, it is still a gentle piece of equipment. And it always requires careful operation as well as proper care. Therefore, you shouldn’t stuff too many clothes in the machine. Always keep in mind that it is not your travel bag where you can place a huge amount of things. Placing in more than the recommended amount of stuff means that your machine will not be able to move in the correct manner & eventually it can pose an impact on the circular movement of the drum. Therefore, you can be stuck with partially washed clothes. Moreover, it can harm the motor of the machine too.


So, if you want to use your machine to its complete capabilities? Then, always place clothes as per their capacity & also follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual guide. In the case of any confusion or if you have any kind of query, reach your brand’s customer support.


Select the Right Detergent 

The selection of a reliable and trustworthy washing machine detergent varies on your budget & specific washing requirements. People often favour utilizing machine-specific cleansers while others utilize normal cleaners. The point to note is that the cleanser you utilize should not be too hard or hugely alkaline in nature, since it can potentially damage both the clothes and the machine elements. Therefore, try to select the right type of washing detergent.

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