‘She is sketchy’: Slik Talk slams Riky Rick’s wife

A week after the alleged suicide of Riky Rick and just a few days after his intimate funeral, Slik Talk has taken to his YouTube channel to throw shade at the star’s nearest and dearest.

And for Riky Rick, his number one fan was his wife Bianca Naidoo. The private spouse of the hitmaker was praised for her moving speech at his funeral, in which she referred to him as her “soulmate”.

But there was no praise from Slik Talk.

He said, taking aim at Bianca: “Riky Rick has been contemplating this suicide for two years. I know it and a lot of people who have been listening to his music know it.

“My thing is, where was Bianca in all of this? I’m sorry but I have to ask the question. Where was the person sleeping next to him every night when he was going through all these troubles? Because I knew it, alot of people knew it…did Bianca know it?

“Bianca I’m sorry, but we have to have the difficult conversation. Were you here for this man when he needed you the most? Because we can all tell that Riky Rick was pouring from an empty cup. He needed the help and support. He had a lot of pressure and stress

“Where is the responsibility? Where is the accountability? From his wife, from the people he put on? Were they checking on him?”

Slik Talk then went on to question the report of how Riky Rick was found hanging by a member of his management team, and not by his wife.

“There’s holes in the story”, he said of the rumours.

He continued: “If you live in the same house as Riky Rick, how does he get found by his management team?”


Slik Talk continued his verbal attack on Bianca by describing her as a “sketchy person”.

He continued: “Was Bianca there for Riky when he needed her? Because I am not gonna lie to you, looking at Bianca, I will be honest, like, she just looks like a sketchy person.

“I will be honest, 100 percent honest, she just looks like a very sketchy, very dodgy person. No social media, no cap. There is a difference between shy and sketchy. Sketchy is you are a little shady”.


In his video, Slik Talk also took aim at Lasizwe and Big Zulu for “clout chasing” on the death of Riky Rick.

He continued: “There are people that are crying on their Instagram Live. These people have no shame. Somebody just lost their life and you have the time to cry on your Instagram Live.

“Come on bro, stop being an undercover clout-chaser. Then what’s worse is n*****s are dropping songs a day later”.

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