“Sexualized” yoga videos on TikTok have been deemed pornographic and “should be prohibited.”

“Sexualized” yoga videos on TikTok have been deemed pornographic and “should be prohibited.”

It’s more like downward doggy-style.

Some TikTok users are outraged that yoga videos on the popular app have become extremely sexualized, with some films resembling softcore porn rather than actual workout tutorials.

Nikita Desai, a yoga instructor, took to the website late last year to criticize the app’s “algorithm,” stating that it favours erotically charged videos of flexible women in skimpy bikinis.

Bottoms up! Some critics claim TikTok's algorithm prioritizes videos of scantily-clad yogis doing racy poses in barely-there bikinis.

In a video that has received more than 55,000 “likes,” she said, “I guess this is what happens when an old, profound, important, spiritual activity that was intended for our mental and emotional health becomes unnecessarily sexualized and severely sanitized.”

Elsewhere, the prominent content creator @queenoftherathet posted a video instructing fans to search “yoga” on TikTok, warning that they would be flooded with hundreds of risqué films.

“Wow. “I saw EVERYTHING… except yoga,” a startled user answered following a search.

Another person screamed, “They’re laying it low and spreading it wide,” while a third voiced concern that youngsters could be exposed to such content through harmless search terms.

Indeed, the first video that displays after typing “yoga” into TikTok is of a shirtless male assisting a woman with her stretches.

Bottoms up! Some opponents assert that TikTok’s algorithm favours videos of bikini-clad yogis performing provocative positions.

The video, uploaded by user @ rodnevskay_, depicts the male forcing the woman’s legs apart before guiding her into the downward dog stance from behind. Several commenters said an erection could be seen through the man’s shorts.

"This should be illegal!" One shocked user was stunned by a video from Pia Sweet that comes up in the "yoga" search field.

Another racy video towards the top of the search results depicts a lady in a G-string doing a puported stance while bending over and pointing her derriere toward the camera.

Several criticized the woman for her little clothing, stating that she was using yoga to display her body to the audience.

Several criticized this TikTok user for her minimal clothing, stating that she was merely performing yoga to display her body to viewers.

“I perform yoga and wear clothes at the same time, and it still works,” said one, before another responded, “That’s not yoga. She is only seeking more followers and likes.”

In the meantime, yogis like as @euevilena, Pia Sweet, and Eva Martinez have amassed millions of TikTok followers by doing poses in skimpy attire.

In one of Martinez’s videos, she can be seen placing her legs behind her head and smiling cheekily. The clip focuses on her genitalia.

This should be prohibited! One user was astonished by a Pia Sweet video that appears in the “yoga” search bar.

“I can no longer even watch TikTok in public!” a surprised fan said beneath the video.

Meanwhile, Martinez has her own OnlyFans account where she shares stuff that is deemed inappropriate for the social media application.

The TIkTok community guidelines prohibit the posting of films containing “nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content,” yet none of the in question yoga clips appear to breach this restriction.


»“Sexualized” yoga videos on TikTok have been deemed pornographic and “should be prohibited.”«

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