Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accuses Garland of failing to act on federal laws

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accuses Garland of failing to act on federal laws

Republican senators strongly criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland during his appearance before the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accused Garland of failing to act on federal laws that banned “picketing or parading” near a judge’s residence, after pro-abortion protesters harassed Supreme Court justices at their homes in the wake of the leaked Dobbs decision.

Cruz claimed Garland’s failure to act to protect the safety of the justices and their families was politically biased, as Garland agreed with Roe v. Wade but disagreed with the Dobbs decision. Garland eventually admitted that there had been no cases against protesters.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri grilled Garland about the disparate treatment of Christian pro-life activists arrested outside abortion clinics compared to pro-abortion activists who have gone unpunished after firebombing pregnancy centers. Hawley cited the case of Mark Houck, the Catholic father of seven acquitted in January of federal assault charges over an altercation outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic.

Garland denied targeting Houck in the arrest, but Hawley pointed out that the FBI had sent 20-30 agents in the early-morning hours to the Houck residence to arrest him after he had offered to turn himself in voluntarily.

The hearing also included questions about the intelligence memorandum issued by the FBI field office in Richmond, Va., on Jan. 23 advocating “the exploration of new avenues for ‘trip-wire and source development against traditionalist Catholics’ including those who favor the Latin Mass.” Garland said he was “appalled” by the memo, which had been withdrawn.

But he did not know how it was written or why the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center was its source.

Republican senators demanded that Garland take responsibility for the actions of the Justice Department and the FBI, but Garland did not apologize or admit wrongdoing. Critics argue that real consequences are necessary for Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray if change is to occur.

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»Senator Ted Cruz of Texas accuses Garland of failing to act on federal laws«

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