Season 5 of ‘Yellowstone’ Demonstrates That Rip Wheeler Is the Ultimate Cowboy Crush

Season 5 of ‘Yellowstone’ Demonstrates That Rip Wheeler Is the Ultimate Cowboy Crush

Warning: Season 5 Yellowstone spoilers following.

Rip Wheeler, portrayed by Cole Hauser, is a hottie, as is commonly acknowledged among Yellowstone enthusiasts. But in the fifth season of Taylor Sheridan’s renowned Western drama, which follows the family of Montana ranch owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the cowboy is more romantic than ever.

Since the series’ 2018 launch, fans have collectively admired, respected, lusted over, and fallen in love with the stoic ranch foreman who never fails to appear for the Duttons. John took Rip in as a teenager, after Rip killed his cruel stepfather for murdering his mother and sibling, as seen via flashbacks. Rip worked tirelessly throughout the years to deserve the second opportunity that John granted him, never losing perspective or appreciation. John currently considers Rip to be his right-hand guy on the property. He has faith in him to command the bunkhouse in his absence and, most importantly, to love his daughter, Beth (Kelly Reilly)

In the past, Hauser has been named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” so his attractiveness is no secret. Even though he effortlessly wears a cowboy hat, boots, and traditional ranch gear, Rip’s irresistible charisma and unpretentious sexual allure are not exclusively the result of his physical appearance. Rip is only human, therefore he occasionally loses his temper and has committed dishonorable acts (and a few murders!) for the sake of his adopted family. However, the guy is predominantly an ancient soul with a guarded disposition, exceptional self-control, and saintly patience. He is passionate, courteous, and able to laugh at himself. And these dreamlike characteristics have been on full display in the fifth season, but glimpses into the past assist us to appreciate just how remarkable they are.

In the beginning of Season 5, flashbacks depict a disastrous date between Beth (Kylie Rogers) and Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein). After Beth’s outburst at the bar, Rip hands her the keys and returns to the ranch. He waits up for her in the hopes of making peace, but after another Dutton ranch employee Rowdy (Kai Caster) brings her home, Beth deliberately hooks up with him to make Rip envious. Beth in the present, shaken by the flashback, walks to the kitchen to apologize for her treatment of Rip in the past. “Honey. And I say this with affection. “However, it’s far too early for this nonsense,” he argues. And while she beats herself up with remorse in the rearview mirror, Rip tells her that he’s happy and he wants her to be too. He appreciates her great heart, gives her permission to go on, and quips that she put him “through hell” before giving her a passionate kiss and declaring his love. Damn.

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In Episode 5, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away,” as another horrific memory from the past awakens Beth, we observe the same ability for forgiveness. Beth walks into the light while Rip is getting ready for work in the restroom, leading him to exclaim, “I’m sorry, honey. I attempted to stay quiet. I am sorry. She reassures him that he did not wake her, and then inquires whether he ever recalls their childhood. “I think about the present and the future, but not much about yesterday… Baby, yesterday is what everyone consumes. Therefore, I do not consider it. Rip breaks through Beth’s heavy perspective with “Good morning,” a grin, a chuckle, an arm touch, and a kiss, following these deep words of wisdom. My soul.

Rip is a natural protector, fixer, and defender, as seen this season when he raised concerns about John’s appointment as governor, delivered the news that he had to euthanize a horse, and attempted to clean up the Yellowstone wolf disaster. Also, he went out of his way to reassure Carter (Finn Little) that orphans are not transported here: “In case you hadn’t noticed.” And he mediated Beth’s altercation with Summer (Piper Perabo). But despite early Season 5 difficulties, Rip has been smiling like it’s the end of the world.

In Episode 5, we watched one of Rip’s most lovely encounters with Beth; I’m still fawning over this scene days later. Beth, haunted by the past, chooses to accompany Rip and the ranch crew on their cattle branding excursion, but Rip warns her that she will spend two days on horseback without any luxuries. When he challenges her interest, she becomes defensive. “Beth, let’s put the insanity to rest. Would you like to attend the event tomorrow with me? Rip quickly realizes that a plain aggressor is not what she requires, so he alters his approach, raises his voice, and declares, “Beth, my life’s love. I do not believe I can live alone for two days. And god knows that you despise horses, cattle, being muddy and cold, and being told what to do – all of which will occur tomorrow. However, would you consider coming and spare me the anguish of being apart from you? Rip laughs and then raises his eyebrows in curiosity. And oh my LORD I felt like I could melt into human fondue as I observed this childish display of understanding and devotion. Beth was completely warmed by Rip’s warmth at that point, and when she consented to ride with him, he lifted her up, mounted her on his work bench, and began the kissing and giggling we’ve seen more of this season. Who gave this man permission to be so handsome? I simply want to speak!

When Rip revealed his success formula to Carter in Season 4, his statements struck me as some of the smartest and most heartbreaking I’d ever heard. “Don’t believe that you deserve it. You don’t deserve it. “And you will never,” he explained. The lesson is easily applicable to Rip’s housing and employment on the ranch. When you study every part of his existence, though, you will understand that his slogan represents the essence of his personality. Certainly, Rip has terrible days, and he cannot reasonably sustain the elevated levels of self-awareness that make him so generous and good all the time. However, his reluctance to take anything for granted not only improves his conduct and view on life, it is also extremely seductive. This season, protect Rip and Beth’s relationship at all costs. Although he may not believe he deserves it, we know he does.

Yellowstone premieres new episodes every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.


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