Season 3’s 20 worst moments

Season 3’s 20 worst moments

Andrew discussed “sexual kung fu” on the first episode, and Nancy was slightly uneasy.

Andrew in season three, episode one of “Love Is Blind”


In the first episode of the season, Andrew Liu spoke to Nancy Rodriguez about “sexual kung fu” for guys, which he claimed a former, older partner had taught him.

He told Nancy that he could have “little orgasms” without ejaculating, which is an example of excessive information.

To make matters worse, he presumptuously told Nancy that he believed she required a sex “teacher.”

Raven worked out while Bartise bared his soul.

Raven in season three, episode two of “Love Is Blind”


On the second episode, Bartise Bowden told Raven Ross a tragic childhood story about the beginning of his parents’ divorce. He made it plain to her that he was emotionally exposed and was telling her a story he had never told anybody else.

Raven appeared awkwardly preoccupied with burning calories while Bartise spoke. Throughout the story, she did crunches and jumping jacks and appeared to be hardly listening while Bartise became visibly distraught on the other side of the wall.

Bartise made the situation more difficult to observe by jokingly calling her out on her behavior, and Raven was plainly astonished to hear her exercising through the wall.

Later, Bartise unexpectedly ended his relationship with Raven by expressing his “burning desire” to be with Nancy.

Raven in season three, episode two of “Love Is Blind”


The second episode was difficult for Bartise and Raven. After the awkward exercise moment, we witnessed Bartise break up with her in the most horrible way possible.

As a reference to a previous conversation in which he erroneously believed she was attempting to inform him she was a stripper, he apparently asked producers to place fake stripper money in her pod to set the stage for their separation. Then, he broke up with Raven by telling her he had a “burning desire” to be with Nancy.

Then, he returned to the men’s living quarters and informed Sikiru “SK” Alagbada, who subsequently became engaged to Raven, and Andrew, who was also dating Nancy seriously, that he desired to be with her.

The producers filmed Andrew using fake tears to make it appear as though he was crying over Nancy’s rejection.

Andrew in season three, episode three of “Love Is Blind”


In episode three, Nancy dumped Andrew after he proposed to her, and in his confessional interview about the incident, he looked to employ artificial tears to appear more heartbroken than he actually was.

“Are you rolling?” he inquired to the producer. When they said affirmatively, he pulled fake teardrops from his pocket and asked if he might use them.

They made it apparent that they were not forcing him to fake anything by stating that he could leave if his eyes were hurting.

After using the artificial tears, he said with a chuckle, “Just a little bit.”

You may learn more about the awkward situation, including Andrew’s response to the outrage, by visiting this page.

Bartise and Nancy had an intimate encounter in the tub while discussing clogged toilets.

Nancy in episode three of season three of “Love Is Blind”


During their post-engagement retreat, Bartise and Nancy shared a bath.

Instead of being a sensual, romantic time, they began discussing the bathroom.

Nancy asked Bartise whether he had ever unclogged a toilet before telling him about a time when she was at a friend’s house and frightened that her “dookie” would not flush.

Bartise, whom she had just met in person, was clearly uninterested in the topic of conversation, as are we; nevertheless, Nancy does not appear to recognize this.

Cole and Zanab argued about semantics (and pretty much anything else a person could pick a fight over).

Cole and Zanab in episode four of season three’s “Love Is Blind”


Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey’s personal connection got off to a rocky start.

Zanab exhibited some discomfort with Cole in episode four due to his behavior the morning after their first sexual encounter in Malibu.

Cole stated he had a “fine” night, but Zanab wanted him to say it was “amazing.”

To spectators, there appeared to be neither “like” nor love between them.

Bartise could not stop talking about how Raven is a “smokeshow”; he even informed his fiancee, Nancy, that Raven is “hotter than s—-.”

Bartise in season three, episode four of “Love Is Blind”


During the Malibu vacations, Bartise was supposed to strengthen his relationship with his fiancée, Nancy. However, he became quite distracted after meeting his ex-lover, Raven, in person.

“Raven is a villain; Raven is 100 percent a smokeshow,” he informed the cameras.

He appeared inebriated that night because he could not handle how attractive she was.

Later that night, when Nancy and Bartise were alone in their room, Bartise rambled on about how he didn’t believe SK and Raven would stay.

When she stated that she was “happy” with her decision to be with him, he responded that he felt “the opposite.”

“I enjoyed seeing Raven for the first time because she is the type of person I would pursue in real life,” he remarked.

He referred to Raven as “hot as s—-” directly to his fiancee, who did not appear thrilled.

Cole informed Zanab that she was “gaining weight.”

Zanab on the fifth episode of “Love Is Blind”


In episode five, while Cole and Zanab were enjoying a meal on Malibu’s beach, they discussed why she wasn’t his type physically.

When she offered him a slice of food, he declined, stating, “I’m full; you need to quit fattening me up.”

“Are you okay with fattening me up?” she said sarcastically.

Cole responded, “You’re gaining weight,” and then burst out laughing.

“As a 30-year-old lady, I truly strive not to be that insecure woman,” Zanab said in an interview following the scene. But Cole is 100% of the time unfiltered.

During their initial dispute, Matt is verbally abusive and rude with Colleen.

Matt on episode five of “Love Is Blind.”


Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed appeared to be madly in love in Malibu until a poolside conversation between Colleen and Cole threatened to derail their relationship.

During episode five’s cast pool party, the former daters addressed the status of their respective relationships and admitted that they might have pursued each other in the real world if they weren’t participating in the experiment. Cole appeared to be more interested in Colleen than she was in him, although it was understandable to have such a talk with someone you bonded with on the “Love Is Blind” pods.

Later, Colleen disclosed the conversation to Matt off-camera, and he reacted furiously. He seems to believe Colleen told Cole that they may potentially pursue a relationship once they returned to the “real world.”

He questioned her about what she said and didn’t say, and then stated, “I’ve been fooled before, I get it.” He refused to look at her, instead concentrating carefully on cutting his food.

Matt seems to anticipate that Colleen would immediately shut off any discussion of attraction, and Colleen eventually left the table in tears. Later, when he approached her in their room, he invaded her personal space and cursed at her, indicating he may have ended the relationship.

Later, presumably in an interview with a producer, Matt continued to talk vehemently about why his behavior was warranted.

Nancy told Bartise that she would seek an abortion if there was a possibility of a “birth defect.”

Nancy on episode six of “Love Is Blind”


In episode six, when discussing their views on abortion, Nancy told Bartise that she would abort her pregnancy if there was a chance the kid would be born with a congenital defect.

Her views on abortion are her own, but the conversation made some viewers uncomfortable since she alluded to her employment as a speech pathologist and implied she was basing her stance on her interactions with children with disabilities and disorders and their families.

She told Bartise that working with people with Down syndrome, a genetic disease in which individuals are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21, was so emotionally demanding and heartbreaking that she cried nearly every day.

“I see the amount of anguish it causes to the family,” Nancy said, adding that if she discovered that her pregnancy was going to result in issues for the kid, she would want to “try again.”

SK was accused by Raven’s pals of “robbing” her of a fairytale.

SK on the seventh episode of “Love Is Blind.”


When Raven’s friends met SK for the first time in episode seven and realized that the pair planned to have a long-distance marriage, they did not hold back. SK was admitted to graduate school in California, whilst Raven’s clients were located in Dallas.

“You’re kind of robbing my friend of a fairytale,” observed Macole, Raven’s pal. Because you’ll be flying back and forth for the first two years, and with her lifestyle, how is that even fair?

Macole continued, “I just have a bad feeling about it.”

Bartise abruptly cut off Andrew and Nancy’s emotional conversation about their relationship problems.

Nancy and Bartise on episode seven of “Love Is Blind”


After Nancy and Bartise’s debate regarding children, tension arose between them, and she chose to air her grievances with Andrew during a cast meetup with the couples and their single castmates.

Nancy was crying and expressing to Andrew how bad it felt that she believed Bartise’s physical desire to her was diminishing when Bartise stopped them.

Matt almost broke up with Colleen because she attended a club.

Matt discusses “Love is Blind”


After the seventh episode’s cast reunion, some individuals likely went clubbing. According to Matt, Colleen told him she would meet him at their apartment after he told her he was returning home.

Appearing to have miscommunicated with him, Matt concluded that she had lied.

He became enraged, contacted Nancy (who was at home with Bartise), and informed her that he was packing his bags and leaving Colleen.

Bartise went to Matt’s place to tell him not to overreact. Then, Matt began shouting to Bartise about how he didn’t know Colleen and was prepared to end the relationship.

Raven was astonished when she learnt from SK’s family what was expected of a typical Nigerian wife.

Raven on “Love Is Blind” episode eight.


Raven went shopping with SK’s mother Ade and their family friend Queen for a gele — a traditional Nigerian headdress worn for special occasions — in episode eight. Queen and Ade decided to give Raven advise on how to be a good Nigerian wife while they were there.

Raven and SK had previously established that they would have a long-distance marriage for the first two years of their relationship, during which SK would be in school.

Therefore, Raven appeared surprised when Queen advised her to “always have food in the house,” such as the traditional Nigerian spinach dish efo riro and rice.

Queen, Ade, and the proprietor of the shop also advised Raven to “humble” herself to SK and be cautious of her interactions with men while he was out of town. The amount of information was overwhelming, and Raven lacked a poker face.

Was Cole’s joke on the bridge humorous or prophetic?

Episode eight features Zanab and Cole.


In addition, on episode eight, Cole and Zanab traveled to a Dallas “love locks” bridge to place a lock that Zanab had given to Cole.

Zanab told Cole not to drop it as he was securing the lock, but it appeared that he did. Zanab was frustrated because she anticipated the fall, but Cole revealed that he was joking and had the actual lock in his pocket.

Given how much Cole and Zanab appear to loathe each other, the joke felt more like foreshadowing than humor.

Colleen and Matt enjoyed an awkward steak meal.

Colleen and Matt on episode nine of “Love Is Blind.”


In episode nine, Matt planned a romantic dinner at the aquarium for Colleen. It was a kind gesture, given that his objective was to show her that he was making an effort in their relationship.

However, the topic shifted when Matt asked Colleen whether she could envision a future with him. “I don’t know if you’ll still be there if the sky falls,” she remarked.

Matt attempted to maintain his composure, but ultimately pressures Colleen to make a decision immediately.

At one point, when she was attempting to express her concern and perplexity, he begged her to “stop playing games” and eventually wore her down to the point where she informed him she would say “no” if their wedding were that day.

Brennon and Alexa exchanged a cringe-worthy joke.

Alexa on episode nine of “Love Is Blind”


Brennon and Alexa are arguably the most stable couple thus far on “Love Is Blind.” On their final romantic date before their wedding, however, they shared an awkward joke.

When Brennon asked Alexa how she believed their story would end, both of their responses were negative. He joked, “a horrible murder in six months,” and she referenced the 1999 film “Runaway Bride,” in which Julia Roberts portrayed a lady with a history of abandoning men at the altar.

Cole inquired if Zanab was bipolar.

On episode nine of “Love Is Blind,” Zanab appeared.


In episode nine, while having their final supper together, Cole and Zanab began to quarrel about whether or not they wanted to get married and whether or not they even liked each other.

Cole questioned Zanab, “Are you bipolar?” at one point, which was a disrespectful and improper question in general, let alone on reality television. Obviously, the audience was astonished.

Dead fish caught by Raven were a sign.

Raven on “Love Is Blind” episode 10.


Raven told the other women at their bachelorette party in episode 10 that she believed in signs and that the “kissing” fish that SK bought her the night before were dead when she awoke the next morning.

She pondered whether it was indicative of their relationship’s future. At the end of the episode, SK rejected Raven’s proposal of marriage, indicating that this may have been the case.


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