Scott Morrison critic Dave Sharma back on social media with sad Twitter bio after deleting account

Scott Morrison critic Dave Sharma back on social media with sad Twitter bio after deleting account

Following his loss of his Liberal blue ribbon seat in Saturday’s election, former MP Dave Sharma has returned to Twitter, adding a sad self-description to his bio.

Mr Sharma’s Twitter bio now says simply, ‘Ex-somebody.’

Despite the depressing self-description, Mr Sharma also retweeted a photo of himself on stage this week with former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, holding a public debate about world issues.

Dave Sharma (right) glams up with wife Rachel but if his Twitter bio is to believed he won't be needing the tux for many more events with the former MP calling himself as an 'ex-somebody'

Mr Sharma, who is a former ambassador to Israel,  tweeted that he was ‘moonlighting in a new role’ and that it had been a great pleasure to appear with Hs Haley.

Following his loss to ‘teal’ independent Allegra Spender on Saturday, Mr Sharma deactivated his Twitter account, leaving those trying to find it greeted with the message: ‘Something went wrong. Try again’.

Mr Sharma’s posts leading up to that had yet to concede defeat and as of Sunday, Ms Spender said she was still waiting for a call or message from the ousted MP.

However, a media release now posted on Mr Sharma’s account concedes defeat and said the 46-year-old phoned Ms Spender to congratulate her.

Mr Sharma lost the once the blue ribbon Liberal seat of Wentworth to 'teal' independent Allegra Spender and was apparently slow to concede defeat although he has done so now

Earlier this week, Mr Sharma did not hold back on blaming his loss of the wealthy seat of Wentworth, covering Sydney’s eastern suburbs, on former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who he called a ‘drag’ on the Liberal vote.

Mr Sharma told ABC Radio he had detected an almost ‘visceral’ dislike of Mr Morrison by voters in his electorate.

‘They would say “he’s too religious”, they didn’t like that he carried coal into parliament one time,’ Mr Sharma said.

Mr Sharma blamed Scott Morrison for his defeat saying the former prime minister was a 'drag' on the Liberal vote and generated an almost 'visceral' dislike among the voters of Wentworth

‘They didn’t believe his sincerity on climate change, they didn’t like our handling of Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame – the Brittany Higgins rape allegations and Grace Tame’s comments.’

Ms Spender, who is the daughter of famed designer Carla Zampatti, was one of a number of high-profile female ‘teal’ independents who took on and triumphed over male Liberal MPs in inner-city and wealthy electorates.

Mr Sharma said the ‘teals’, who were financed by climate activist and businessman Simon Holmes a Court, took up moderate or progressive positions that appealed to people who didn’t like Mr Morrison’s conservatism.

‘The teal candidates positioned themselves quite cleverly I think, as a repository for an anti-government protest vote without being a Labor-Greens vote,’ Mr Sharma said.

However, he said he had not been part of group of moderate Liberals who had tried to encourage former treasurer Josh Fydenberg to challenge for the leadership.

Even though he is an ‘ex-somebody’, Mr Sharma’s employment prospects should be boosted by his degrees in law, arts and international relations from Cambridge and Deakin universities.

Before entering, parliament he also worked as a director at accountancy firm Kelly + Partners.

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