Scary clip shows brave woman trying to ‘shoo’ away big crocodile [watch]

A clip believed to be taken in Kasane Botswana has been doing its rounds on social media. In the clip, a brave woman attempts to chase away a large crocodile while telling it to “shoo” a term that usually means go. Bystanders in the clip watch in shock as the woman approaches the large animal and even expressed their disbelief over how brave she is.

The clip has received a number of reactions from Facebook users who could not believe that the woman was risking her life by going that close to the crocodile.

Brave woman tries to ‘shoo’ big crocodile

If there’s one animal that is dangerously scary, it’s a crocodile. It appears however that not everyone is afraid of the large animal and a Botswana woman is one of those people.

In a short clip that was shared on Facebook on 7 March this year by Maranath Monty Chiziyo, people are casually going about their day in a busy street when suddenly a crocodile walks out of a nearby yard.

One of the women in the street notices the animal shockingly walks up to it before telling it to shoo while trying to direct it back into the yard.

The woman’s actions leave the person recording the clip dumbfounded as she can’t believe what she is witnessing. The hair-raising clip was captioned:

“They call it Kasane … And I call it home. Khaya lame. Welcome to Kasane.”

Netizens can’t deal

The post was met with a number of reactions from Facebookers who just couldn’t believe their eyes. Many of them slammed the woman for trying to act brave around the scary crocodile.

Here are some of their comments:

Wynette Terblanche said:

“Why is there always a white lady herding or rescuing dangerous animals 😂😂😂 (disclaimer I don’t speak for all white ladies just me)”

Dicemann Tde asked:

“What is this lady trying to prove? It’s not worth it. What’s wrong with people kante? Willing to throw away your life for what?”

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