Savannah Daisley is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old

Savannah Daisley, a well-known weight reduction expert and heiress to a horse breeding business, is now out on bond as she awaits her trial for allegedly having many sex encounters with a 14-year-old kid.

The 45-year-old Instagram influencer, who petitioned for release from jail on the grounds that “her entire life and savings would be destroyed” if she can’t operate her detox health firm, lives in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods on the Southern Highlands.

Ms. Daisley resides in Tallowood, a 4 acre gated home owned by her parents in the affluent village municipality of Burradoo, which was developed as a hill-station hideaway for Sydney’s elite.

After escaping the highest security prison for women at Silverwater, Ms. Daisley is now being driven about in her father, a well-known horse breedercustomized ,’s white Range Rovers with red leather seats and vanity plates.

It is one of two customised cars that the Daisley family uses to transport her from their house, which has underfloor heating, an in-room Bose music system, groomed grounds, and five king-sized ensuite bedrooms, to the Moss Vale police station, where she must report three times each week.

After spending a month in jail on four charges of aggravated sexual contact with a juvenile between the ages of 14 and 16, Daisley was freed on $100,000 bail in Sydney’s Downing Center Local Court two weeks ago.

Savannah Daisley (above outside Hornsby police station on Monday) is living on bail in exclusive Burradoo in the NSW Southern Highglands, while her ex-lover is serving out her 12 month AVO against him in a $7m Sydney north shore mansion

Ms. Daisley’s court request to live with her parents, whose house had a “deluxe chef’s kitchen, butler’s pantry, and outdoor dining,” included a request to walk from Silverwater so she could work on “rebranding… a new product” in her detox line while doing so.

Before selling their other property, Windermere Farm near Wilberforce, a thoroughbred horse farm on 22 hectares on the banks of the Hawkesbury River northwest of Sydney, Ross and Marietta Daisley purchased Tallowood in 2016.

After Choisir competed at Royal Ascot in 2003, the now-78-year-old Ross Daisley gained notoriety as the breeder of the top three-year-old sprinter in the world.

Savannah Daisley has taken down all her social media platforms but is still spruiking Smart Cleanse on its Instagram page which has posts such as this image of the multimillion dollar view from her north shore property which she left after being arrestyed on four child sex charges

He afterwards retired to stud duty, siring yearlings with prices up to $450,000 apiece and champions like Starspangledbanner and Olympic Glory.

The Daisleys had previously been listed on the ASX as some of the largest owners in prestigious metals companies.

They own a fifty percent stake in Nulife Cleanse Pty Ltd, the parent business of Smart Cleanse, which Savannah Daisley has continued to advertise on Instagram.

However, after being accused of sexually assaulting the male youngster, Savannah erased all of her personal social media accounts.

The court was informed that Marietta Daisley had ovarian cancer and that her daughter will assist with her care.

Among her @SmartCleanse Instagram postings is one asking “Do the cells in your body respond to what your mind says?

The ideas that go through your head cannot be outrun by your body, that is true.

She said “you are your own piece of art” in her last Instagram post on June 21—six days before she was detained by police.

Police had used a legally obtained Listening Device Warrant to capture a discussion Ms. Daisley had that day with the 14-year-old.

“Be obstinate and willful in the development of oneself. The greatest way to anticipate your future is to create it, and the best way to feel good is clearly by leading a healthy life. Life is treating you how you feel.

The Downing Centre Local Court heard testimony from NSW police prosecutor Sergeant Kerry-Ann McKinnon in late July that the police sting took place just over a year after officers alleged that a drunk Daisley had sex with the 14-year-old four times over the course of one day starting at 5 p.m. on May 19, 2021.

Ms Daisley is on bail after being released from jail on four charges of having sex with a 14-year-old boy and is living with her parents at their estate in the NSW South Highlands

“This wasn’t an impulsive action. Prior to this, there are some disclosures concerning sentiments,’ Sgt. McKinnon said in reference to the call, which is subject to a suppression order and cannot be made public.

And there are regrets. She tries to place the blame somewhere else. She makes the implication that it was mutual and discusses the possible outcomes.

She is making this kid feel guilty. Reminds the youngster of the terms of the deal about confidentiality. places it in a situation that is reminiscent of a fairytale or story, as if it will disappear and never return.

Gabrielle Bashir, Ms. Daisley’s attorney, noted “trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety while in imprisonment” in addition to her client’s “deteriorating” mental health within Australia’s harshest women’s prison.

Ms. Bashir said that in order for Ms. Daisley’s wellness brand to succeed, “her direct influence” was necessary.

Without it, the firm would be unable to function and would eventually fail.

Ms. Daisley attended the police on Monday with her father Ross Daisley, who had driven up from the Southern Highlands in his white Range Rover. They were in Sydney’s north.

Daisley smiled as she left the Hornsby police station where officers decided to dismiss an assault charge against her 48-year-old ex-lover.

She was wearing a fur-lined coat, a black skivvy, and a skirt.

Within an hour, the guy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had the case against him dropped, but a 12-month Apprehended Violence Order had been affirmed.

He was told to abide by the rules, which included staying away from Ms. Daisley and her family as well as not harassing, approaching, or threatening them or damaging any of their property.

Horse breeder Ross Daisley (pictured with Savannah in 1993) was at his daughter's court hearing on Monday

While residing in a $7 million waterfront home on Sydney’s lower north shore, the guy will serve out the AVO.

In Australia, Daisley’s Smart Cleanse method, a 14-day regimen of pills and drinks that claims to purify users’ bodies, reduce stress, help them lose weight, and “reverse ageing,” is popular.

Jodi Gordon, the actress of Neighbours, appeared in a video testimonial for Smart Cleanse in June 2021, praising the programme as her “health and beauty secret.”

She founded the firm in 2014 and rapidly gained a celebrity following.

In 2018 and 2020, she obtained contracts with Mr. Vitamin and Priceline, two major retailers of pharmaceuticals.

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