Sanwo-Olu said Lagos can’t become cosmopolitan without women

Sanwo-Olu said Lagos can’t become cosmopolitan without women

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stated on Tuesday that a detailed narrative of Lagos State’s metamorphosis into a cosmopolitan society would be incomplete without highlighting the contributions made by women to the cultural development and socioeconomic transformation of the State.

At a seminar titled “WAPA Connect,” organized by the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation at the Lagos Continental Hotel with the theme: “The Emerging Total Woman,” Sanwo-Olu acknowledged the responsibilities played by women in the transformation of Lagos.

Lagos, according to the governor, has a distinct social structure from other areas because of the special influence that women in positions of leadership have. Sanwo-Olu claimed that as a result of these effects, the State has advanced to a society in which women can fully participate.

The forum brought together successful women from the public and commercial sectors for networking and experience sharing on current problems vital to enabling women to realize their full potential.

The event’s theme, according to Sanwo-Olu, was to confront the shifting dynamics brought on by the new thinking of the twenty-first century and to prepare women for the difficulties they would face in the present.

The conference was started, according to the governor, as a result of his administration’s stated commitment to a policy of inclusivity and emancipation for women.

“Under the current democratic regime, we have witnessed how women have distinguished themselves with enviable records in public service; as heads of public agencies, Permanent Secretaries, Judges, and Commissioners,” the speaker remarked.

They have contributed significantly to the State’s transformation into a cosmopolitan society and given Lagos its distinctive status.

The greatness of Lagos cannot be told without its ladies. This is evidence that there is something positive about placing women in leadership roles.

“It is undeniable that empowered women have succeeded to varying degrees against all odds in a variety of endeavors. How do we support, inspire, and motivate young, emerging women to overcome all obstacles and reach their goals must be the real concern for us.

In a socioeconomic environment that is becoming more and more competitive, it is crucial that we accept this responsibility to ensure a better future.

Sanwo-Olu claimed Lagos had been removing obstacles to equality for women and enacting laws to transform the State into a society in which women did not require permission to assume their proper roles as progress partners.

He claimed that the State Government had shown its dedication by selecting women to serve as the main architects of public programs and initiatives.

The Governor revealed that women make up 50% of public agency leaders, 60% of judges appointed, and 75% of Permanent Secretaries in the civil service.

“Our administration has done so much to expand possibilities for women while simultaneously promoting gender equality,” he added. “Relevant government institutions, particularly the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, are implementing initiatives and programs in this regard.

As there is still much to be done to support our women in many areas, I can tell you that we won’t let up.

Bolaji Dada, the commissioner for women’s issues and poverty alleviation, noted that women’s empowerment was still important for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set forth in the 2030 Agenda for the United Nations.

She also stressed the importance of women’s roles in society’s shaping on the social, economic, and political levels (SDGs).

She claimed that due to economic disparity and a lack of the necessary skills to function in a modernized economy, millions of women around the nation had to face lives of utter destitution.

The Commissioner claimed that if women had better access to education and training, society as a whole would benefit greatly in terms of social and economic advancement.

“It is a well-known truth that the economic actions of women frequently serve as the foundation of the economy.

This conference aims to provide a workable framework for strategic thinking in order to empower our women to assess their rights to economic resources, increase their access to sexual and reproductive health care, and develop into useful tools for Lagos’ socioeconomic development.

According to the First Lady, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, many women face significant obstacles as a result of the current economic climate. She demanded that women have better socioeconomic chances.

“Freeing more women from the current socioeconomic circumstances will offer them more flexibility to enhance their lives and contribute their fair share to the development of our State,” she declared. This will elevate Lagos to the same level as societies where women thrive.

The seminar included a panel discussion on timely topics important to resolving problems women are currently facing.

»Sanwo-Olu said Lagos can’t become cosmopolitan without women«

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