Salt Bae sparks wrath after bragging about £140,584 bill at Abu Dhabi restaurant

Salt Bae sparks wrath after bragging about £140,584 bill at Abu Dhabi restaurant

Salt Bae has been criticized on social media for boasting about a customer’s £140,584 bill, which included a steak that cost £1,004.

The Turkish millionaire chef, renowned for his gold-leaf steaks and distinctive salt-sprinkling posture, was criticized on Instagram by readers who referred to the rates as “crazy” and “pure ego.”

14 diners paid a total of 615,065 dirham (£140,584) at Salt Bae’s Abu Dhabi restaurant Nusr-Et Steakhouse, equating to a cost of 43,933 dirham (£10,041) per person.

Who the astronomy tab belongs to is unknown. However, a number of notable individuals are presently in Abu Dhabi for the season-ending Formula One event this weekend and the start of the World Cup on Sunday in neighboring Qatar.

Salt Bae, whose true name is Nusret Gokce, charged a staggering 9,000 dirham (£2,059) for two gold-leaf covered Istanbul steaks, 5,500 (£1,255) for two golden Ottoman steaks, 4,500 (£1,027) for two beef tenderloin, and a further 3,905 dirham (£891) for eleven beef fillet steaks.

However, the diners did not stop there. In addition, they spent 1,200 dirham (£273) on five servings of beef carpaccio, a raw meat appetizer, and 320 dirham (£73) on four blossoming onions.

The famous chef charged 180 dirham (£41) for four plates of French fries and 5850 (£1,335) for gold-covered baklava.

It would be accurate to state that the diners drank well as well. Surprisingly, almost 500,000 dirhams were spent on wine. There were five bottles of Petrus priced at 325,000 dirham (£74,200), two bottles of Petrus 2009 Louis XIII priced at 200,000 dirham (£45,661), and one bottle of Chateau Margaux priced at 15,500 dirham (£3,538).

Salt Bae charged 55 dirham (£12.50) for a bottle of Heineken, 75 dirham (£17) for a negroni, and 180 dirham (£41) for four virgin mojitos.

The Nusr-Et Steakhouse charged 405 dirham (£92) for nine bottles of plain water and 270 dirham (£62) for six bottles of sparkling water.

Salt Bae uploaded a photo of the bill to Instagram with the comment “Quality is never pricey #saltbae #saltlife #salt” for his 49 million followers.

Following this, Salt Bae got a flood of criticism from other social media users, with over 597,000 likes and 26,500 comments, the most of which were appalled by the cost.

One commenter remarked, “This is ridiculous, that kind of money could save the lives of an entire community.” This is dreadful.’

Numerous customers were stunned by the price and deemed it “crazy.”

Another user commented, “There are approximately 98 million people living below the poverty line and without a home, and you are spreading lies?! What is the point of posting such material? I will unfollow you and encourage others to do the same… shame on you!’

Someone else wrote, “55 dollars for a Heineken so you may ruin the food with gold leaf and salt your hairy arms.”

»Salt Bae sparks wrath after bragging about £140,584 bill at Abu Dhabi restaurant«

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