Ryan Mason’s chances of securing permanent role at Tottenham

Ryan Mason’s chances of securing permanent role at Tottenham

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

The article discusses Ryan Mason’s performance as Tottenham’s acting head coach and his chances of securing the permanent role.


Mason’s defensive tactics against Crystal Palace:

The article suggests that Mason’s defensive tactics against Crystal Palace may have impressed the chairman, Daniel Levy, who wants the next manager to bring back the club’s attacking style of play.

The article also explains how Mason’s new system worked, with a back four without the ball and a three-man defence in possession.

Players’ adaptation to the new system:

The article provides insights into the training and working methods of the new system, with players being encouraged to tighten up their defence without losing their attacking edge.

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The article also mentions the inclusion of Pedro Porro in midfield without possession and Emerson Royal’s coverage behind him allowed for an extra man in the press.

Mason’s frustration and support from Harry Kane:

The article highlights the frustration felt by Mason, who only has three more games to impress the chairman, whereas if he had been given the job when Antonio Conte was sacked, he would have had a ten-game stretch to prove his worth.

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The article also shows how Harry Kane is supportive of Mason and believes that he is restoring the club’s lost values.


Importance of playing in European football:

The article highlights the importance of Tottenham playing in European football and how it would benefit the club’s aspirations to be involved in as many competitions as possible.


The article provides an in-depth analysis of Tottenham’s recent performance under Mason and the team’s chances of securing a place in European football.

It highlights the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Mason and the team and shows how the new system is being implemented on the training ground.

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