Russian soldier describes being told to kill innocent Ukrainians

Before quitting, a young Russian soldier publicly admitted to killing citizens and taking their belongings when Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded the nation.

He also described how his superiors had given instructions for him and other soldiers to commit horrifying alleged war crimes, including the murder of innocent Ukrainians.

The former Russian soldier who spent five months in the war admitted to journalists at iStories media that his battlefield commanders ordered him to slaughter Ukrainian civilians

Daniil Frolkin, a 21-year-old Russian soldier who served in the conflict for five months, told reporters for iStories media that they were supposedly attempting to free citizens from Nazism.


But we slaughter innocent people. What justifies the continuation of this conflict?

He described in terrifying detail how “my superiors ordered me: “Those are the ones to be shot” to journalist Yekaterina Fomina.


I then went and killed them. Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Prokurat issued the command.

In addition to Prokurat, he named Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, a.k.a. the “Butcher of Bucha,” as the person who gave the order. His men are suspected of employing rape as a weapon of war.


He instructed: “Take them someplace, and shoot them.” These guys were brought in.

They had a large amount of cash on them, both dollars and [Ukrainian] hryvnia. This Lt. Col. pocketed the cash.

“Walk them out, kill them, destroy their phones and their paperwork,” they also handed us, according to what they stated.

Frolkin also named Lt Colonel Andrey Prokurat, pictured, as one of the commanders behind the massacre of Ukrainian civilians Andrey Prokurat gave the order to execute Ukrainian civilians in the village of Andriivka

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Frolkin also named Commander Azatbek Omurbekov, pictured, as the commanders behind the massacre of Ukrainian civilians

He described his attempts to escape Putin’s killing machine army but initial failure.

He described how one commander stole refrigerators, clothing, and athletic equipment from Ukraine and sent truckloads of the stolen items to Belarus, a Russian ally.


I don’t know who we’re fighting, but I would guess it’s the [Ukrainian army].

However, they are Slavic people like us and are not Nazis.


“We’ve never had Nazis,” individuals in the villages said when we spoke with them.

He said that the majority of them were retirees who had migrated from Russia to Ukraine.

Guard corporal Daniil Andreyevich Frolkin, a member of military unit 51460, made a dramatic confession to media, saying, “I plead guilty to all the atrocities I did in Andriivka [village].”

A communal worker exhumes a body of a man buried near his house in Andriivka village

“The killing of citizens, looting [them], and taking [their] phones” were among these.

He asserted that war crimes were done to get medals and appease their top brass because “our [Russian] superiors don’t give a f*** about our guys.”


He acknowledged shooting images of Russian invaders while swiping a phone from a Ukrainian.

This phone, which was subsequently discovered after the Russians left, includes shocking first-hand information on the alleged war crimes committed by Putin’s soldiers.


He mentioned specific Russian leaders who were connected to his 64 Motorized Rifle Brigade and accused them of war crimes.

In order to impress the defence leaders, the colonel allegedly fabricated successful missions. While putting his soldiers into danger, he hid in cellars.

“He always sat in the basement while we were at Andreevka,” said Frolkin.


“We were basically pushed into battles; we weren’t treated like individuals.”

Frolkin, a Siberian from the Altai area, accused Lt. Colonel Denis Romanenko, the head of intelligence, of sending his own troops to their deaths and sought an investigation into other commanders.

He pleaded with the authorities to punish the commanders, explaining that he had come out in the aim of inciting legal action and prison time for them.

However, his aspirations for a “furore” in the army are improbable given how impossible it is for Russian defence authorities to acknowledge the crimes.

The soldier admitted stealing a phone from a Ukrainian and taking pictures of invading Russian soldiers. The device was later discovered by the Ukrainian army

According to Frolkin, one of the civilians he murdered was in the process of telling the Ukrainians where the Russian troops was stationed.

He said that as a result of him, “We had 18 injured, one badly wounded with his balls blasted off by shrapnel.”


“Please guys, give me a machine gun, I’ll kill myself, I don’t want to go back to my wife like this,” he begged us.

I instructed [the informant]: “On your knees,” Frolkin said. And just a single shot to the forehead.


I spent a very long time shaking. I realised that if I murder anybody else, I will kill myself. On moral grounds, I was unable to take any more lives.

I murdered one, but I also tried to save as many lives as I could. I want to protect my men.

Frolkin, who has returned to Russia and has left the service, acknowledged that his revelations may land him in prison.


Frolkin, 21, confessed to media outlets and said his commanders should be prosecuted. He said he realises he could face jail time both for his actions and his confessions

Days after claims of extensive war crimes in the Kyiv suburb surfaced as Russian soldiers retreated, more than 400 tortured, killed, and mangled bodies were found in Bucha.

Due to the alleged atrocities, Omurbekov, also known as the “Butcher of Bucha,” received a promotion from Lieutenant Colonel to full Colonel.


It happened even though his soldiers were under suspicion for gang rapes, torturing, and killing civilians.

The unit was quickly redeployed to the eastern Donbas front, one of the most hazardous in the fighting, after winning the honours.

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