Russia: Thousands arrested at anti-war protests amid Ukraine conflict

Reports have surfaced that anti-war protests in Russia amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine has resulted in thousands of arrests. A monitoring group has revealed that 4 366 people have been arrested at protests against the Russian invasion across 56 cities.

Anti-war protests in Russia has seen thousands of citizens arrested. Image: Alex Kokcharov/ Twitter

Russia: Protests see thousands arrested

Russia’s interior ministry has confirmed that over 3 500 people have been arrested. The majority of arrests have taken place in Moscow with 1 700 people taken into custody.  Additionally, the ministry confirmed that over 5 000 people have taken part in the protests.

Interestingly, the last time that Russia recorded similar high quantities of arrests was last year. At the time, thousands of citizens had demanded the release of opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Navalny had been arrested after returning from Germany following nerve agent poisoning.

Media in Russia opts out of covering protests

Russian media that has been dubbed ‘state-controlled’ carried short reports regarding the protests. However, they failed to feature prominently despite the fact that it was clearly a widespread undertaking.

One such agency had claimed that Manezhnaya Square in Moscow had been ‘liberated’ by authorities following the arrest of participants of an unsanctioned protest against the Ukraine invasion.

Ukraine President confirms another attack

Meanwhile, Ukraine President Volodymyr Kelensky has confirmed that another Russian missile strike has taken place on Sunday. In a clip posted to Kelensky’s official social media page, the President confirmed the attack at Vinnytsia. The attack saw 8 missiles directed at a local airport which has reportedly been completely destroyed.

“I’ve just heard the report on the missile strike at Vinnytsia, 8 missiles. Against our city, against our peaceful Vinnytsia, which has never posed a threat to Russia. In any way. A brutal, cynical missile strike has completely destroyed the airport.”

In the emotional report, the Ukraine leader commented that the Russian onslaught against his nation continues to devastate the country built by generations.

“They continue total destruction of our infrastructure, our life built by us, our parents and grandparents, generations of Ukrainians.”