The threat of nuclear warfare escalates as Putin’s propagandists continue to threaten UK

The threat of nuclear warfare escalates as Putin’s propagandists continue to threaten UK

Experts warn of devastating effects of Putin’s Poseidon nuclear torpedo, which could destroy coastal cities, cause radioactive floods, and kill millions of people in London.

Putin’s propagandists have continued to threaten the UK and US with nuclear holocaust. The Poseidon drone was recently urged to be launched by a retired Russian general, who claimed it would trigger a 1,000ft-high radioactive tsunami and destroy the whole of the UK.

While international military experts deny the monstrously high 1,000ft waves or the destruction of the entire country, they say that the effects of such a nuclear strike would still be catastrophic.

If Russia launched the Poseidon from its “doomsday” submarine, the torpedo could explode in the Thames estuary, causing a tidal wave to erupt from the water’s surface and destroy London, warn the experts.

Professor Andrew Futter, a nuclear weapons expert from the University of Leicester, explains that a large megaton warhead would cause considerable damage, with the tide in the Thames surging towards buildings and potentially killing millions of people in the blast. Even if the Thames were to become radiated, Futter says, few people would be left alive to make a difference.

According to Dr. Rod Thornton, a security expert at King’s College London, the Poseidon torpedo would “wipe out” any cities close to the explosion, be it London or New York in the US.

If the Poseidon exploded off the coast of south-east England, thousands of people along the coast could be killed from the nuclear explosion. Thornton explains that the tidal wave would be more significant if Poseidon was launched in deeper waters, and if launched in the middle of the North Sea, the wave would “create a fairly ‘small’ tsunami,” but it would be catastrophic if it swamped London, killing everyone in the city and possibly all channel ports in the UK, France, and even Rotterdam.

While Putin’s propagandists claim that the Poseidon would destroy the UK with 1,000ft waves the size of the Eiffel Tower, military experts disagree.

The director of research at the Council on Geostrategy, James Rogers, tells MailOnline that it would certainly move a large volume of water, but it is improbable whether it would create a genuine tsunami on the scale seen in the Pacific Ocean.

According to Thornton, the Poseidon drone would travel on a ‘doomsday’ Russian submarine to waters off the UK or US coastlines, and the torpedo would then be launched remotely towards the coastlines before detonating and causing a huge explosion.

The Poseidon drone’s tube is thought to contain a nuclear reactor that theoretically gives the drone an unlimited range if traveling on a pre-set course to its target.

However, to control the drone, an operator would have to stay within range of some kind of control tower. While the exact payload is unknown, the size of the nuclear warhead seen in leaked designs suggests it could have a yield of up to 100 megatons, making Poseidon twice as powerful as the Tsar Bomba – the largest nuke ever created.

When tested in 1961, the Tsar Bomba obliterated everything within a 60-mile radius, shattering the windows of buildings up to 560 miles away.

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