Rob McElhenney Encourages Gareth Bale to Make a Comeback

Rob McElhenney Encourages Gareth Bale to Make a Comeback

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Rob McElhenney, co-owner of Wrexham, has made another playful attempt to encourage Wales football legend Gareth Bale out of retirement.


McElhenney, along with Ryan Reynolds and Bale, have been exchanging good-natured online banter lately.

Following Wrexham’s promotion to League Two, Bale sent a congratulatory message to the Hollywood owners.

McElhenney saw an opportunity and asked Bale for a round of golf and to join Wrexham’s revolution at the Racecourse.

In recent weeks, Bale has put talk of his return to bed, stating that he’s enjoying family life and playing some golf.

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However, McElhenney doesn’t seem to be taking no for an answer.

During an appearance on The Aarthi and Sriram Show, the actor urged Bale to make a comeback, saying that if he could “come back for one last year of glory, one last year,” it would be fantastic.


McElhenney and Reynolds Are Serious

Despite their playful requests, McElhenney and Reynolds insist that their interest in signing Bale is serious.

McElhenney told S4C, “I think there’s seriousness from our side, but I don’t know that there’s seriousness from his.

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I think he’s happy.” Reynolds added, “I’m also weirdly happy for him to do exactly what he wants to do with his life.

He’s given up so much for a sport that he loves.

It’s fun, though. I like that we can kind of do some stuff that’s a little outside the box of convention when it comes to goofing around.”

Bale Is Happy Where He Is

Despite the persistent urging from McElhenney and Reynolds, it seems that Bale is content where he is at the moment.

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In a recent interview, Bale said, “I’m quite happy where I am.

I’m spending a fair bit of time with my kids and my wife. Time I’ve lost so much of over the years being committed to football.

So I’m just enjoying family life and playing some golf.”

The online banter between Bale, McElhenney, and Reynolds has been entertaining for fans.

While Bale may not be making a comeback anytime soon, it’s clear that he and the Hollywood owners are enjoying the lighthearted exchange.


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