Ricou Browning dies at 93

Ricou Browning dies at 93

Ricou Browning, the renowned horror film actor, passed away at 93. Browning is most well-known for his role as Gill-man, the aquatic monster, in the 1954 classic film “Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

On Monday, Browning died of natural causes at his residence in Southwest Ranches, Florida, according to his family.

Browning’s portrayal of the iconic Gill-man character earned him widespread admiration among horror film enthusiasts.

Despite wearing a heavy rubber suit and performing stunts underwater, he brought the character to life through his exceptional acting skills. During his career, Browning also worked as a director and producer on several other movies and TV shows.

Browning’s death is a great loss for the horror film industry, and his contributions to the genre will always be remembered. However, his legacy will live on through the numerous films he was involved in, which continue to captivate and entertain audiences worldwide.


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