Richard Lukunku praises ‘Blood Psalms’

Richard Lukunku praises ‘Blood Psalms’

The wait has ended. “Blood Psalms” is now available on Showmax.

The highly anticipated action-packed fantasy series developed by Yellow Bone Entertainment is an epic story set in ancient Africa eleven thousand years ago.

A teenage princess named Zazi (Bokang Phelane) faces a doomsday prophecy while guiding her people through ancient curses, long-standing tribal vendettas, the wrath of the gods, and her unexplained role as the doomsday prophecy’s principal herald.

Senator Jabari, portrayed by Richard Lukunku, is sent to the Akachi castle by the great Great Nziwemabwe to attend the wedding of King Letsha (Mothusi Magano) and to request that the king return the Northern Territories.

Despite the fact that the two tribes are now at peace, Great Nziwemabwe would stop at nothing to exploit any weaknesses in the Akachi realm.


Lukunku co-stars with Safta-nominated Zikhona Sodlaka, who portrays his vengeful mistress Sithenjwa and returns to the Akachi fortress.

Lukunku viewed his function as intriguing and compared his tribe to “Rome.”

“Great Nziwemabwe is comparable to ancient Rome, where Rome was the capital and the rest of the world was Rome’s provinces. The southern regions are at war, and Senator Jabari has been deployed to oversee operations,” he explained.

“It’s an intriguing position, as you have the backing of the kingdom’s might. If you dislike something, you will say exactly what you will say. If you feel mistreated by the king, you will use the authority that has been granted to you.”

The 12-episode series is directed by award-winning filmmaker Jahmil XT Qubeka, and Lukunku stated that he had a fantastic experience on set since the director gave him the freedom to perform as truthfully as possible.

He stated that Qubeka knew precisely how to represent Africa in the script.

“The depiction is insanity. A Xhosa character speaks in Xhosa, while a Zulu figure speaks in Zulu. The various African cultures are portrayed… He performed the task flawlessly.

“However, this is not only a history lesson. It is a realm that combines numerous styles and concepts. ‘Blood Psalms’ is authentic and much more besides. I cannot wait for others to experience it,” Lukunku explained.

He advised spectators to watch the show in order to witness a “crazy degree of creativity.”

“Everything on ‘Blood Psalms’ is looking wonderful. It appears unreal; it feels real. You have the impression of being there at that time. It is simply wonderful.

“But I expected nothing less from the best production company in South Africa, with the best producer and director. These men possess an incomprehensible degree of imagination.”

View the film’s trailer below:

The first two episodes of “Blood Psalms” are currently available on Showmax, with additional episodes being released every Wednesday until November’s end.

Watch the trailer below:


»Richard Lukunku praises ‘Blood Psalms’«

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