Residents of Ga-rankuwa are unable to deal with uncollected garbage

Residents of Ga-rankuwa are unable to deal with uncollected garbage

Residents of Ga-Rankuwa View claim that trash has accumulated for months in several open locations, making life miserable.

Mada Kungoane, who has a food company, stated, “It’s deteriorating daily. Some individuals cannot tolerate the odor and avoid from purchasing from my store.

People have resorted to burning their own trash, but it “piles up again in no time,” he said.

“You can find all types of waste here, including disposable diapers, dead dogs, and putrid food.” We have demanded that these illegal dumpsites be cleaned,” Kungoane added.

Phazel Podile, who resides near Bachana Mokwena Primary School, stated, “We have children from the school in the area who play in this filth.” In addition to garbage, sewage is also overflowing in the streets and yards.

Thebe Molebaloa, who has worked as a garbage contractor for the city for three years, stated, “I have not been compensated for six months of work from the previous year. Only a portion of the money was paid last month. It is aggravating. The City of Tshwane requires considerable time to approve a single invoice. In addition, we are now just working two days per week.”

“I can’t cover all of Ga-Rankuwa with my limited resources, which are provided by the city. Moreover, if I am not paid, I need funds to purchase gasoline for my truck. I am stuck,” stated Molebaloa.

“The most significant obstacle is the reduction of waste budgets. Now the entire subway system is saturated in grime. Even in the city, it is filthy,” he stated.

Selby Bokaba, a spokeswoman for the City of Tshwane, stated that the City collects garbage at Ga-Rankuwa View once every week and removes illegal dumping once per month.

Bokaba stated that the community is still utilizing 80-litre dumpsters that “cannot accommodate a large amount of garbage.” Bokaba stated that the City “did offer to implement 240-litre bins… but the community declined.”

The City continued to encourage residents to apply for larger trash cans because they could hold more rubbish.

Violet Phalwane (ANC), councillor for ward 45, asserts that a monthly price of R230 was connected to the 240-litre bin offer.

“When the City proposed this, they failed to adequately consult the community, and turmoil ensued. Some neighborhood members informed me that they will not pay this price because they had hoped to receive the dumpsters for free,” Phalwane explained.

“The City of Ga-Rankuwa has drastically reduced its waste management services.” It is a vast area with three wards, but only eight days a month are devoted to garbage collection. This means that illicit dumping cannot be easily prevented,” she explained.

Phalwane said,

“I have even urged to the community that they march to the offices of the waste management department in order to lodge their complaints in person. I do not fail my pupil. In actuality, the City of Tshwane is failing to provide services.”


»Residents of Ga-rankuwa are unable to deal with uncollected garbage«

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