Residents Demand Action on Feral Goats in Welsh Coastal Town

Residents Demand Action on Feral Goats in Welsh Coastal Town

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Residents in Llandudno have expressed frustration and concern over a large gang of feral goats that have been roaming the streets, visiting local hotels, care homes, and service stations in search of food.


The goats have also been eating vegetation around the town, and despite complaints from locals, the Conwy Council has ruled that it is the landowners’ responsibility to protect their properties from the 200-strong gang.

The council report stated that the goats should not be confined using fencing, as it would become solely responsible for their welfare.

Shooting had previously been considered as a way to control the goats in the 1990s, but this was overturned following a public demonstration.

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A Large and Wild Population

The Kashmiri goats, which have lived in the town and surrounding mountains for over 100 years, have recently gained fame for their takeover of the streets emptied by the coronavirus lockdown.

More than 200 goats regularly leave the Great Orme headland to wander down into the streets, where they have been devouring garden hedges, munching flowers, and even fighting in supermarket car parks.


No one person or organization is legally responsible for the goat populations, as they “reverted to a wild state” after being gifted to a local lord by Queen Victoria.

Concerns and Calls for Action

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Residents in Llandudno are calling for action to be taken to control the goats’ behavior, but the council has stated that it is up to the landowners to protect their properties from the gang.

The goats have been causing problems for both people and property, and their wild nature means that they cannot be easily contained.

Although shooting was considered in the past, it was rejected following a large public demonstration.

The goats’ roaming behavior highlights the need for responsible animal management and shows the consequences of allowing animal populations to become feral and unmanageable.


This article sheds light on the growing issue of feral animal populations in urban areas and the challenges they pose to local authorities and residents.

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The case of the feral goats in Llandudno highlights the need for responsible animal management and the importance of finding a balance between human and animal needs.

While it is the landowners’ responsibility to protect their properties, the wild nature of the goats makes it difficult to contain their behavior.

Shooting was previously considered, but this option was rejected following public demonstrations.

As urbanization continues, it is important to address the issue of feral animal populations and find humane solutions that balance animal welfare and human needs.


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