Reports say Takeoff was shot and died

Reports say Takeoff was shot and died

Rumors circulating on social media claim that Takeoff, a rapper, was fatally shot in a Houston bowling alley after an argument.

The 28-year-old Migos member, who recently split out to create the duo Unc and Phew with Quavo, was a member of the group.

Tweeps have begun drawing connections between photos of Takeoff and footage of a man’s lifeless corpse wearing what seems to be the same attire. Quavo can be seen in the footage looking down at the corpse before he seems to walk away in shock.

@wowwhoawtf chimed in, “From this video, the outfits that both Quavo & Take Off have on, it’s certainly them. You can see Quavo crouching over him and raising an eyebrow. Man, this is really sad! The song “Stop Breathing” by Take Off was the last one he shared on his Instagram stories.

The news was just broadcast on TMZ as well. They said on Twitter, “Migos Rapper Takeoff Dead at 28, Shot in Houston.”

The music video for Quavo and Takeoff’s most recent hit, “Messy,” was just made available. The song is from their most recent joint album, “Only Built For Infinity Links,” which was only just made available.

Just a few hours before to his suspected murder, Takeoff posted his final update to his Instagram Stories.

Takeoff eerily tagged Playboi Carti’s song “Stop Breathing” in the post. The late rapper, who was often regarded as the most unproblematic and low-key member of the Migos trio, has received condolences from fans.

According to the general public, Takeoff did not go hunting for controversy, stated @jac3nt. One of the three Migos who was really concerned with his work and kept in his space without engaging in controversy was nonetheless able to be caught up and wounded. Sadness just

@septimusajprime commented, “Takeoff was much too trouble-free for him to die this manner. “Bro basically stayed to himself and created music. Let Takeoff go.


»Reports say Takeoff was shot and died«

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