Relief for UK citizens evacuated from Sudan as they return home

Relief for UK citizens evacuated from Sudan as they return home

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

The Foreign Office has evacuated 897 people from Sudan on eight UK flights as of 4 pm on Thursday, with further flights expected.


Relatives of the evacuated UK citizens have expressed their relief after their loved ones arrived on British soil.

The British citizens were told to make their way to the Wadi Saeedna airstrip, 20 miles outside Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Families waited for hours at the airstrip before being flown to Larnaca, Cyprus, and eventually to the UK, where they landed at Stansted Airport.

The relief was clear to see as people walked into the arrivals lounge on Thursday.

Sara Abdanna, a mother of two, told the PA news agency that she had to wait for her 13-year-old son, Ahmed Mohammed, to make his way back to the UK after he visited family members in Sudan.

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Ms. Abdanna’s parents, sister, brothers, and other family members are still in Sudan.


She expressed hope that the situation would improve and stop for the sake of her family.

Mohammed Baldo spoke to PA as he waited for his wife and two-year-old daughter to arrive at Stansted.

He said that the situation was stressful and difficult, with on-and-off internet connections.

His wife is not a dual citizen, making the situation even more complicated.

Despite this, he instructed his wife to get to the airfield, no matter what, even if told not to.

Someone on the ground would make a humane decision, he said.

However, when she boarded the plane, they had to take her off before takeoff due to a lack of clearance to let her fly.

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She was crying and stressed, said Mr. Baldo.


She felt like she was going to die, and they did not know what to do.

Analysis and Commentary

Sudan has been in turmoil since the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

Violence has escalated since a coup by the military last month, leading to the evacuation of foreign citizens.

The UK’s evacuation of its citizens is a significant move that underlines the seriousness of the situation.

According to the British government, the decision was made to protect UK citizens from the security situation in the country.

The evacuation has been a relief for the families of the UK citizens who were stuck in Sudan.

It is crucial to remember that many Sudanese citizens have been affected by the conflict, and the situation on the ground is still far from stable.

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While it is essential to ensure the safety of UK citizens, it is also crucial to work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan.

The relocation of the UK ambassador to Ethiopia underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts in resolving the conflict.

The situation in Sudan highlights the importance of international cooperation and diplomacy in resolving conflicts.

The UK’s diplomatic efforts in the region to bring the fighting to an end in Sudan are a welcome move.

The situation in Sudan is still volatile, and the international community must work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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