Refine your resume and begin the new year with a bang

Refine your resume and begin the new year with a bang

It’s a brand-new year, and if you have your sights set on a significant career shift or, even better, finding your ideal job in 2023, your CV must be in tip-top shape.

It is time to go forward with your career in order to take the next exciting step.

Fundi Twala, the HR coordinator at Penquin, and Annemie Burger, the HR director, provide their views on how to make your own transformation as simple as possible.

Many people build totally new versions of themselves online in a world of filters and editing programs. The most important aspect of including a photo on your CV is that it accurately represents you. The photograph does not need to be as formal as an ID or passport photo.

Every CV must have the necessary information for recruiting teams to determine your suitability for an interview without having to ask any questions. This contains contact information, employment history, educational background, and applicable skills.

Start with your most recent employment and add dates, as HR teams tend to focus on when and for how long you were employed. The greater the level of specificity, the better.

If you’re not the best writer, you can use Microsoft Word and LibreOffice, which provide facilities for checking manuscripts for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Spend some time formatting as well. Using a legible typeface with consistent spacing across conveys professionalism and refinement.

Nobody has the time to read a 10-page resume in the year 2023. Getting the length of your resume just right does not need omitting part of your experience. You only need to provide the most information on your most recent two or three positions, which hiring teams would likely focus on anyhow.

HR departments review thousands of resumes annually. Many candidates utilize a common CV template they discovered on Google. When it comes to design, a bit of creative flair will help you stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of the type of position for which you are applying, attempt to choose a modern template with color (easy to do on a free tool like Canva).

The Human Resources department of Pequin feels that two summaries will give any CV more impact. The first is a concise overview of your identity. Be creative and don’t assume you know what someone wants to hear. Instead, discuss your strengths and what you’re searching for in your future position and team.

Include on the same page an overview of your experience and accomplishments. A recruiter or hiring manager may be pressed for time, relying largely on this to determine if you are qualified for an interview.



»Refine your resume and begin the new year with a bang«

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