Red panda arrested after leaving Australian zoo

Red panda arrested after leaving Australian zoo

A red panda who escaped from an Australian zoo and spent two days on the run was recovered on Sunday after he was discovered on a fig tree in a local parkRed panda arrested after leaving Australian zoo

Ravi, a seven-year-old panda, came to Adelaide Zoo this week after being transported from another zoo in the hopes that he would mate with Mishry, a female red panda. But on Friday, Ravi had disappeared.


Director of the Adelaide Zoo Phil Ainsley told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that zookeepers spent Sunday unsuccessfully attempting to lure Ravi down from the fig tree with his favorite meals, including bamboo and sweet corn.


Ainsley said, “We tried a few different dart devices, eventually got a dart into him, and then had to wait around 15 minutes for the medicine to take effect.”


Ravi then dropped into the waiting zookeepers’ blankets under the tree.



On August 14, 2022, zookeepers from the Adelaide Zoo in Australia were prepared with blankets to capture the runaway red panda Ravi after he fainted after being shot with a tranquilizer dart.


Ainsley informed the station, “Ravi is doing very well.” “After being on the run, he is settling into an animal health facility, where he will spend the next two or three days. Just making sure he’s well and recovered from his journey.”


Ainsley said that they realized Ravi had escaped his prison on Friday morning and originally concentrated their search inside the zoo, supposing he was perched atop one of the tall trees there. Sunday morning was when a zookeeper noticed him on the fig tree at the adjoining botanical garden.


Diverse Location Filming

On March 28, 2014, an image was taken of a red panda at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire, England.


Ainsley informed the reporter that they will examine the zoo’s CCTV video to see how Ravi escaped.


Ainsley said, “Clearly, he had just arrived and was evaluating his cage.” We are aware that red pandas are very nimble and famous escapologists.

»Red panda arrested after leaving Australian zoo«

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