Former Police Officer Faces Backlash Over X-Rated Affairs and Alleged Race-Related Fetish

Former Police Officer Faces Backlash Over X-Rated Affairs and Alleged Race-Related Fetish

...By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

Former Cop Accused of X-Rated Affairs with Colleagues Files Lawsuit, But Faces Allegations of Racial Fetish


Maegan Hall, a married police officer, was dismissed from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee earlier this year after it was discovered she engaged in sexual activities with six of her colleagues.

Hall even exchanged explicit pictures, engaged in sexual activities while on duty, and had oral sex with two coworkers at the police station.

She accused her supervisors of “grooming her” for their own sexual pleasure, but in response, one officer, Lewis Powell, filed a counter-lawsuit, alleging that Hall began “persistently flirting with him and pressuring him to engage in sexual relations with her.”

Powell further accused Hall of having a racial fetish for him. Hall has not yet responded to these allegations, but she and her attorney have previously claimed that her colleagues exploited her vulnerabilities.

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Allegations of Inappropriate Sexual Conduct at La Vergne Police Department

Maegan Hall
Maegan Hall

Hall’s inappropriate sexual escapades first came to light after La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole received a tip-off from Patrick Magliocco, an officer who was suspended after admitting that Hall engaged in a threesome with him and his wife.


Magliocco also claimed that he had sex with Hall on “numerous occasions” and that Hall had bragged about Powell’s “big black d***,” saying the officer had performed a sex act on him while the two of them were on shift.

Powell initially denied having any sexual contact with Hall but was later caught lying about being at the gym with the rogue officer and admitted to the affair during a follow-up interview. Two other officers and the police chief were also sacked in the scandal.

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Hall’s Lawsuit and Defendants’ Response

Hall sued the city, the police chief, and two of her supervisors, alleging that they had groomed her for their own sexual gratification.

However, Powell filed a counter-lawsuit, claiming that the affair was consensual and that it was Hall who persistently flirted with him and pressured him into having sex.

Powell also alleged that Hall had a racial fetish for him. Hall and her attorney have not yet responded to these allegations. Defendants are now calling on a federal judge to dismiss Hall’s lawsuits, and a hearing has been scheduled for later this month.

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The case of Maegan Hall highlights the delicate issues that arise when coworkers engage in sexual activity with each other, particularly when it is non-consensual or involves power dynamics.


It also reveals the potential consequences of such actions, including the loss of one’s job and the filing of lawsuits. Moreover, the allegations of a racial fetish in this case highlight the issue of fetishization, which occurs when someone is attracted to a person based solely on their race or ethnicity.

Fetishization can be harmful and dehumanizing, reducing individuals to mere objects of desire. The case raises important questions about consent, power dynamics, and respect in the workplace.

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