Random Health Facts You Should Note

Red Stomach

Did you know that when you blush, both your cheeks and your stomach turn red? The thing is that most people can see your cheeks turning red, but not your stomach. The adrenaline that causes the blood flow in your face also affects the lining of your stomach, since it too is filled with lots of tiny blood vessels.

All That Sunshine

Children grow faster in the spring and summertime. So yes, when teachers see their students back in school in the fall, it isn’t an illusion that some have sprouted over the last 2-3 months. Why is this? It turns out that longer days stimulate the production of human growth hormone in children. It probably doesn’t hurt that spring and summertime is also when there is more food available for the body to grow.

That Tastes Funny

Tastebuds, like other sensory receptors, disappear as you get older. Children who don’t like bitter and sour foods generally outgrow this aversion. This is also why adults and older people don’t have problems eating more bitter and sour foods. If you didn’t enjoy the bitterness of dark, leafy green vegetables as a child, try them now that you’re an adult. You might find that your tastes have changed and they’re now palatable.

It’s Crowded In There

You aren’t just made of human cells, you’re actually made of more bacteria cells! In your mouth alone, there are more bacterial cells than there are humans on the planet. These microorganisms are responsible for bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis. But they’re not all bad! These tiny creatures take up prime real estate in your mouth so that more harmful organisms don’t have room to grow.

Tongue Database?

Your fingerprints are unique to you, but so are the grooves on your tongue! Today, scientists are researching the possibility of taking tongue prints or tongue scans. It’s yet another forensic tool that professionals can use to figure out the identity of a Jane or John Doe.

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