Randle General Hospital reaffirms position as hospital with second-largest dental section in Lagos

Randle General Hospital reaffirms position as hospital with second-largest dental section in Lagos

Randle General Hospital has reaffirmed its position as the hospital with the second-largest dental section in Lagos State, just as it disclosed that 6,929 patients visited the dental section of the hospital between January and December last year for different dental-related issues.

The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Aduke Odutayo stated this while speaking on the accomplishments of the Dental section of the facility in Y2020, adding that the increment justifies the massive investment in the provision of state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals by the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu led administration.

She said, “While it will be erroneous to say that more residents of the State now experience dental issues, what is certain is that the qualitative services rendered by this hospital, as well as the state-of-the art equipment in the facility, have endeared it to many Lagosians, especially residents of Surulere and environs”.

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“Apart from our long-term professional experience in the management and treatment of dental problems across the State, the provision of more equipment and the employment of professionals made the dental section of Randle General Hospital a preferred choice by Lagosians”, she added.

The Medical Director described the dental department as the pride of the hospital and ranked number two among all Secondary Health Care facilities in Lagos State, noting that there are different specialists like Orthodontists and other Professionals in charge of Restorative Dentistry in the department.

Dr. Odutayo maintained that Randle General Hospital is listed among the top functional General Hospitals in Nigeria, particularly among hospitals with the capacity to provide high quality dental services required by the populace.

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The Medical Director recalled that the Hospital started as a Health Centre many years back, before it was upgraded to a Secondary Health Care facility during the administration of Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

She expressed the belief that the hospital has the potential of becoming the best Secondary Health Centre in Lagos State, considering its huge patient-capacity, a high number of professionals and its commitment to becoming a One-Stop-Shop for enhanced healthcare services.

Revealing that the management of the hospital aims at making the facility a complete One-Stop-Shop, Odutayo hinted that plans are afoot to include Bone Surgery as one of the services available in Randle General Hospital so that it will be able to attend to such health issues.

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