Putin’s secret agents’refuse to work in Ukraine even for eight times their wage’

According to an FSB “insider,” Vladimir Putin’s secret service agents are refusing to operate in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to the purported source, even pay six to eight times greater than typical are failing to entice counter-intelligence agents to relocate to captured territories.

Putin urgently needs both regular and military intelligence personnel to impose his control in Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv, the two ‘people’s republics’ in eastern Ukraine.A man pulls bricks from a crater by his home in Kramatorsk near Donetsk yesterday afternoonFirefighters stand atop wreckage in Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, where fighting continuesCounterintelligence officials are thought to have been offered six or eight times normal payPutin’s secret agents’refuse to work in Ukraine even for eight times their wage’Putin’s secret agents’refuse to work in Ukraine even for eight times their wage’

According to the Telegram channel ‘We Can Explain,’ FSB agents are evading the posts by acquiring medical certifications from complaint physicians for themselves or family members.

The lack of devotion to Putin among rank and file intelligence operators matches soldier reluctance to be sent to the battle zone, resulting in the Kremlin frantically recruiting untrained inmates and ‘Dad’s Army’ civilians for frontline deployment.

Putin’s’siloviki’ secret service commanders are even attempting to entice retired or discharged agents back into combat duties.

However, an FSB insider informed the Telegram channel that there is little or no interest.

‘We phoned 200 [retired] persons, and just three indicated they would think about it,’ they stated.

‘This is despite promises of massive compensation and perks.’

It is believed that officers have been promised roughly £5,000 per month to serve in occupied zones.

This is up to eight times their regular salary and significantly more than what troops serving in the conflict get.

According to the study, “Personnel departments are aggressively phoning former workers, including those terminated on disparaging reasons.”

Some officers describe being ‘exhausted’ after almost six months of intense duty with no vacation throughout the battle.

Many are allegedly looking to leave the military.

Putin formerly commanded the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service and the KGB’s successor.

Alexander Bortnikov, a close buddy of his, is its current leader.

According to the article, there was open disagreement in the ranks, with certain FSB officers being moved to isolated posts in eastern Siberia as demonstrative punishments to warn others to toe the line.

‘A draft order issued by the FSB itself confirms the paucity of staff in the special service,’ the forum claimed.

‘This will enable contracts to be signed with [recruits] with just secondary school, rather than higher education, as was previously necessary, and with individuals who have no military service experience.’

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