Putin’s “Iron Doll” propagandist says toppling Russia risks nuclear war

Putin’s “Iron Doll” propagandist says toppling Russia risks nuclear war

Putin’s “Iron Doll” propagandist claims that Liz Truss is putting the world at danger of nuclear war by attempting to overthrow Russia.

In reaction to Truss’s address at the UN, in which the new prime minister criticised Putin for his “catastrophic failure,” Olga Skabeyeva, a Kremlin-affiliated TV personality, warned that Britain and the West face Armageddon.

What do they want? Skabeyeva questioned. They want to defeat Russia. Without a nuclear detonation, victory against Russia is unachievable.

We just won’t let our nation to be destroyed, thus it is excluded.

If you attempt to destroy us, you will perish along with us. Our next move is to attack the centres of power in Kyiv, London, and Washington.

What steps can you take to prevent nuclear war, or is it already inevitable? Apparently so. If they don’t stop, this will really happen.

What is the Western world’s overall objective? to accomplish Ukraine’s triumph and the Russian Federation’s downfall.

This week, in a TV speech, Putin increased the nuclear threat by admonishing that he was “not kidding” and was ready to use all available means.

The remarks spread panic around the globe, and US and UK security leaders said that the threats were being treated “extremely seriously.”

“Everyone will be destroyed if you force us into a corner,” Skabeyeva said. Is that the goal they’re aiming for? Putin made this obvious.

We don’t want conflict, and we’re not threatening. We are first in line to put a stop to it because we don’t want a nuclear winter or a nuclear conflict.

However, if you assert that we shall perish, we will have to annihilate you. As they say, there are no other possibilities.

Why do they not comprehend this? Why are they unable to use this logical thinking?

“You’ve arrived at the end of Russia. How is it? The only nuclear attack

Well, hoping there are enough people there, but to be quite honest, I’ve been really doubting that recently.

“[Putin] is doubling down by sending even more reservists to a horrific destiny,” Truss said in her address on Wednesday.

“He is frantically attempting to claim the mantle of democracy for a system devoid of liberties or human rights.”

“And he is making still more false assertions and bellicose threats.”

Skabeyeva has promoted false conspiracy theories, exaggerated Moscow’s military achievements, repeated Kremlin disinformation about the “Nazis” in Ukraine, and threatened the West with a third world war throughout the conflict alongside her spouse Yevgeny Popov.

She has been referred to as a “monster” as a consequence, and some observers believe that the Kremlin’s tone has changed as a result of her bellicose comments.

She previously participated in attempts to cast doubt on the British investigation into the Novichok nerve agent poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in the English city of Salisbury.

The decision to deploy Moscow’s military into the nation was, in her words, “without exaggeration, a vital juncture in history.” She described Putin’s invasion as an attempt “to defend people in Donbas from a Nazi rule.”

In a delusional statement yesterday, Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, walked out of a UN Security Council meeting after accusing the “totalitarian” Ukraine of “neo-Nazism” and “Russophobia.”

It happened after the Security Council’s current president, France, convened a special meeting in New York to emphasise the need for responsibility for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

Lavrov left the room early, although Lavrov was not seen doing so on video, according to UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

He has left the room, which is not surprising to me. I don’t believe Mr. Lavrov wants to hear the council’s general criticism, Mr. Cleverly remarked.

In response to Western charges, Lavrov reminded the Council that there has been a myth that Russian aggression started the conflict.

The root of this tragedy is being attempted to be explained away as being due to Russian aggression, Lavrov said.

He charged Ukraine of harbouring “Russophobia,” notably by imposing Ukrainian language restrictions.

In addition, Lavrov said that “the crimes of the Kyiv administration have been covered up by the United States and its allies with the complicity of international human rights organisations.”

In a rambling address, the foreign minister also claimed that Ukraine was turning into a “Nazi-like state.”

We are certain that Ukraine has transformed into a totally authoritarian, Nazi-like regime where the rules of international human rights legislation are being disregarded, Lavrov added.

We have no illusions that the military apparatus of the collective West is now opposing the Russian armed forces and the militias of Lugansk and Donetsk, in addition to the neo-Nazi formations of the Kiev junta, he said.

Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, had humorously informed reporters before to the meeting that he intended to maintain a “safe social distance” from Lavrov.

Before Lavrov, the attack dog of Vladimir Putin, entered the room, council employees were about to place a sign next to Russia’s seat to indicate Ukraine’s, but Kuleba protested, so they relocated his seat.

Every member of the UN General Assembly was urged by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to “send a strong message” to Russia that it must abandon its nuclear threats.

Putin said earlier this week that his army, which is equipped with nuclear weapons, would “surely employ all measures available to us” to protect the nation.

In a session when the UN listed crimes in Ukraine, Blinken insisted that Putin be held accountable as he confronted Russia.

Blinken addressed the Security Council, saying, “The very international system we have convened here to protect is being torn before our eyes.”

“We cannot and will not” allow President Putin to escape punishment.

Blinken said that Putin had recently called up reservists and planned referendums in regions of Ukraine controlled by Russia at a time when Kyiv was making significant progress on the ground, throwing “fuel to the fire.”

It is crucial to demonstrate that “no country can redraw the boundaries of another by force,” according to the senior US ambassador.

If we don’t stand up for this rule when the Kremlin is so blatantly breaking it, we’re telling aggressors everywhere that they may do the same.

This week, world leaders and top diplomats from all around the world converged in New York for the annual summit. Mr. Cleverly attended as a member of a UK team led by Truss – his first international trip since assuming the position.

Following Lavrov’s delusional statement, the foreign secretary accused Russia of telling further falsehoods.

He said, “Today I have heard to more of Russia’s catalogues of lies, dishonesty, and misinformation.”

The “devastating repercussions of Russia’s invasion become more obvious every day,” Mr. Cleverly said.

In his words, “We observe the accumulating evidence of Russian crimes against civilians, including indiscriminate bombardment and targeted strikes on over 200 medical facilities and 40 educational institutions, as well as horrendous incidents of sexual abuse.”

According to Mr. Cleverly, Putin intends to “fabricate” a referendum on joining Russia that will be conducted in areas of eastern and southern Ukraine that are under Russian influence.

“We have intelligence, which implies that we know that Russia is going to stage fake referenda on sovereign Ukrainian territory with no legal foundation and under the threat of violence following huge population displacements in places that overwhelmingly supported Ukrainian independence,” he stated.

We are aware of Vladimir Putin’s activities. He intends to fake the results of such referendums in order to acquire Ukrainian land under Ukrainian sovereignty and as an excuse to further up his offensive.

We demand that all nations reject this sham and refuse to accept any outcomes.

Russian representatives are outnumbered in the Security Council, but because it is a permanent member with a veto, the 15-member council has been unable to take any significant action on Ukraine.

However, Blinken had previously said to the group that “one man chose this war, one man can stop it.”

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, called on world leaders to punish Russia in a video speech on Wednesday, just hours after Moscow made the extraordinary announcement that it would call up some reserve soldiers for the war effort. The Security Council meeting followed immediately after Zelensky’s speech.

Zelensky swore that his soldiers would not stop until they had returned all of Ukraine, encouraged by a counteroffensive that had successfully recaptured large portions of terrain that the Russians had conquered.

“We are able to restore the Ukrainian flag to all of our land.” In an English-language address, the president said, “We can achieve it with the power of guns.” But we need time.

»Putin’s “Iron Doll” propagandist says toppling Russia risks nuclear war«

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