Putin angry over leaks that claims he lives in a luxurious mansion with his lover

Putin angry over leaks that claims he lives in a luxurious mansion with his lover

Recent leaks alleging that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his alleged lover, former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, live with their three children in a luxury mansion have reportedly left Putin “more furious than ever.” The allegations were made by the Telegram channel General SVR, which claims inside knowledge of Putin’s circle but does not provide proof of its access or the accuracy of its reports.

According to the report, Putin blamed his defense and security chiefs for failing to protect him from Ukrainian drone strikes that targeted areas in southern and western Russia, leading to the closure of airspace over St. Petersburg. He was so angry over the drone strikes and the leaks about his life with Kabaeva that he became ill and a doctor had to be called.

The leaks claimed that Putin and Kabaeva share a secret life at a forest palace in Valdai, 250 miles northwest of Moscow. Putin reportedly blamed the FSB security service and Kabaeva’s friends for the leak. He was apparently “swearing” and “yelling,” and there was a row with Kabaeva.

Proekt, an independent media group, released an investigation earlier this week claiming that Putin and Kabaeva live at a secret Valdai residence, surrounded by a VIP settlement and guarded by the elite FSO security service. After the leak, Putin reportedly reproached Kabaeva for the fact that, in his opinion, such an investigation became possible due to the talkativeness of his alleged secret lover’s friends.

The investigation revealed the lavish inside of their sumptuous Valdai lakeside residence between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The same outlet highlighted a Cyprus company used to fund their “royal” lifestyles.

Kabaeva is a 39-year-old Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnastics star who later became a pro-Putin MP before now running a major media group that supports the Kremlin. The pair has never acknowledged a relationship, even though they are suspected to have at least two children together.

The report alleges that Putin is suffering from cancer and other ailments and that he regularly uses one of several body doubles on public appearances. Last night, Putin’s health reportedly deteriorated, and he refused to eat due to severe nausea and headache. Doctors on duty were called to the president, who stayed with Putin for about half an hour, allowing him to rest. The channel claims he is due to start “a mandatory course of therapy” in the coming days.

The report also claims that Putin scolded his “military and power blocs” over the drone attacks and blamed the FSB for the rising level of drone attacks on Russia. Putin considers the arrival of combat drones at objects deep in the territory of Russia a threat to his personal security and treats it with great concern.

The investigation goes on to claim that Putin and Kabaeva’s wealth and property empire have never been made public, but it is believed to be vast. A key home of the secret first family is the Valdai residence, and new pictures show the inside of the Putin hideaway for the first time.

Putin’s “personal armored train” is reportedly used to travel to his lakeside hideout, and a secret, guarded station was built near his residence. There is a “constant presence of children in the residence,” according to the report.

Kabaeva reportedly has a retinue of “chaperones” who care for her every need, some of whom are her relatives who earn vast sums in companies owned by Putin’s cronies and oligarchs. Proekt also alleged that despite his hatred of the West, the Russian president has benefited from an “inconspicuous Cypriot company,” which the report describes as “the key element in a multi-stage scheme to enrich Vladimir Putin.”

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