Public Works impressed with responses on iREREP

Public Works impressed with responses on iREREP

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister, Patricia de Lille, says she is delighted with the level and quality of responses received with regard to the implementation of the Integrated Renewable Energy and Resource Efficiency (iREREP).

On 20 September 2021, De Lille announced the opening of the Request for Information (RFI) process for iREREP, which is aimed at evaluating the market for additional ideas and information. The process comprehensively looks at ways to deliver mutual value through strong partnerships across government and the private sector.

De Lille encouraged interested parties to share information that may be relevant to the structuring and implementation of the iREREP.

She said the programme will be the largest programme for the procurement of renewable energy and resource efficiency for public facilities.

“The DPWI [Department of Public Works and Infrastructure], as the largest landlord and facilities manager in the country, has a responsibility to not only deliver and manage quality infrastructure but to combat climate change and sustainable development through its mandate – such as providing buildings for government service delivery,” De Lille said.

De Lille said the DPWI property portfolio, as the largest property portfolio in the country, is responsible for the consumption of a significant amount of electricity and water and generation of a significant amount of waste.

Recent studies places annual electricity and water consumption at an estimated 4021 Gigawatt hours and 39 million kilolitres respectively, with over 822 kilotons of waste generated.

This equates to an average annual expenditure on electricity and water of R2.4 billion and R1.8 billion respectively.

“To ensure the successful roll-out, we wanted to encourage interested parties to share information that may be relevant to the structuring and implementation of the programme on topics raised in the RFI.

“We also sought to obtain a high-level understanding of optimal technical solutions that are available in relation to the Programme and the capacity of the private sector to deliver on such solutions.

“As government, our role ultimately is to create the conditions conducive for economic growth and job creation by the private sector and ensuring that specific targets are set for the employment of women, youth, and people with disabilities,” De Lille said.

De Lille said her department will host a bidder’s conference following the opening of the RFP and will announce details in the coming weeks.

“We would also like to see possible partnerships and collaboration by private parties to enable them to deliver an integrated solution.

“As we continue the road to economic recovery, there is an even greater need to partner in the investment and implementation of South Africa’s Infrastructure Investment Plan to facilitate social and economic development in an effective and purposeful way,” the Minister said. – SAnews.