Protesters clampdown at Liz Truss on climate change policy plan

Protesters clampdown at Liz Truss on climate change policy plan

According to MailOnline, two eco-activists who attacked Liz Truss at a hustings event are revealed to be ardent travellers who have logged thousands of airmiles that contribute to climate change.

The eco-activists at the speech in Eastbourne, who could be heard yelling “shame” and demanding that a new Prime Minister implement a Green New Deal, were rebuked by the Foreign Secretary.

The Tory leadership front-runner was yelled at by student Sarah Noles, who charged that she had “no credible plan.”

On her Twitter account, Ms. Noles expressed her support for novel, radical measures to combat climate change.

A person protests during a speech of Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss at the event during the Q&A section

However, she also posts exotic vacation images from far-off places like Canada on her social media pages. In other photos, she can be seen enjoying a cocktail in Spain and soaking up the sun while on a Tanzanian safari.

Ms. Noles would have accrued more than 22,000 airmiles if she had travelled to each of the locations mentioned on her social media accounts.

The first person to stand up was Green New Deal Rising co-director Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim, a law graduate who criticised Ms. Truss and said she should be ashamed of herself for attending last night’s event. Later, Ms. Ibrahim boasted that her brief stunt had ‘ruined’ the Tory leadership debate.

It is believed that the eco-zealot, who online describes herself as a climate activist, has previously travelled to the African country of Djibouti, which would be a flight of approximately 7,300 miles roundtrip.

She shared pictures of herself attending a United Nations eco conference in Germany and one of her smiling broadly while watching a football game in Durban, South Africa.

While a return ticket from South Africa produces 3.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide, a return economy flight to Djibouti would have generated 1.9 tons.

Ms. Ibrahim earned her law degree from the University of Hull and currently resides in London.

Before helping to found Green New Deal Rising in 2019, she later studied labor, social movements, and development at SOAS University of London.

Her prior employment history includes positions with NGOs and a group that mobilises EU citizens to support refugee, anti-pollution, and other activities.

She has also been associated with previous anti-climate change organisations like the UK Youth Climate Coalition and the People’s Climate March.

In the meantime, Ms. Noles attends the University of Westminster to study media, activism, and social change.

They would have accrued more than 30,000 air miles if they had travelled to every place they had mentioned on their social media profiles.

Ms Truss said that she would legislate to stop the likes of these protestors and vowed to clamp down on them immediately if she wins the leadership

The two were just two of the five protesters who were turned away from Miss Truss’ leadership hustings in Eastbourne, East Sussex, yesterday after heckling and impersonating party members.

During her introductory remarks, during which she advocated for a “Green New Deal” and claimed to have the backing of the majority of the British public, the protesters passionately yelled “shame on you.” “Out, out, out!” could be heard being chanted by tory supporters in the crowd.

Another protester entered the arena and was chased out after the first wave of demonstrators ended the hustings.

Last night, Ms. Truss threw down the gauntlet, stating that if elected leader, she would put an end to the likes of these demonstrators and promise to crack down on them right away.

She told the assembled Tory members, “I would legislation right away to make sure that we are standing up to militant trade unions that prevent regular commuters from going to work.”

“And I would pass legislation to safeguard our vital services.” I’ll make sure that militant radicals like Extinction Rebellion are unable to disturb regular people who put in a lot of effort, behave morally, and go to work.

“And I will never, ever, ever allow unfair protests to undermine our democracy.”

After the eco-warriors refrained from jeering Mr. Sunak, the front-runner joked that she was “popular with Extinction Rebellion.”

This is a crucial time for our nation, the demonstrators from the young climate group Green New Deal Rising declared. Good salaries, safe work, and a secure environment are what the majority of people want, and our future prime minister should be listening to them.

However, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are cluttering the airwaves with regulations that will worsen rather than improve the situation.

Energy costs are expected to increase to more than £3000 per year, and nothing they have proposed would even come close to putting that money back into people’s pockets.

We interrupted the hustings tonight to make it obvious that we are the majority and that we are rising up, we said.

Liz Truss is currently topping the polls and is expected to be the next prime minister, yet she has nothing believable to say in response to the rising expense of living and the climate problem.

Energy companies are making billions of dollars even though the UK recently had heat waves that broke records, and people are constantly being driven farther into poverty as a result of rising prices and stagnant incomes.

We urgently require a Green New Deal and political leadership to address this issue, not this diversion, as young people who are terrified for our futures.

Green New Deal Rising activists have previously disrupted prominent Tory events to call into question Priti Patel’s proposal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and Rishi Sunak’s environmental credentials.

In a clip released in May, Ms. Patel is seen wearing a pink dress as she makes her way to the stage to deliver her address before being cut off by some eco-fanatics.

A female protestor abruptly sprang up from her chair and yelled, “Priti Patel, your racist policies are killing people,” just seconds after she introduced herself and welcomed the crowd.

“Your proposals to send asylum seekers to Rwanda are harsh, they will wreck people’s lives, and they are inhumane.”

Security then escorts the protester, but another woman gets up from her chair and continues the demonstration, declaring that young people are “disgusted” by the divisive immigration policy.

Another protester stands up as she is being escorted out and calls the policy “cruel” before they all start yelling, “Out, out, out!”

In the battle to become the Tory leader and prime minister, Mr. Sunak is still trailing his rival, who has made her own mistake regarding the north during the campaign. This is why last night’s disruption occurred.

Yesterday, Mr. Sunak faced criticism from both the Tories and the Labour Party after it emerged that he had been working to direct funding away from “deprived urban areas” and toward prosperous towns.

Mr. Sunak responded to the uproar by saying, “I want to level up everywhere, and as you may have seen from a video clip that is online, I don’t believe that’s just about our very large urban cities.”

“I think that’s about putting money into small towns in rural communities, in coastal communities like these here in the south-east, and levelling them up,” the speaker said.

Despite widespread criticism of his earlier comments, the Conservative members present applauded the intervention.

In order to ensure that cities like Tunbridge Wells receive “the funding they deserve,” the former chancellor was seen on camera boasting that he started changing public funding formulas while he was chancellor.

According to video obtained by The New Statesman magazine, Mr. Sunak made the comments on July 29 to grassroots Tories in the Kent town.

Responding to the furore, Mr Sunak said: 'I wanna level up everywhere, and as you may have seen from a video clip that is online, I don't believe that's just about our very large urban cities'

This led to criticism, with Boris Johnson ally and Foreign Office Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith stating: “This is one of the weirdest, and dumbest, things I’ve ever heard from a politician.”

In public, Mr. Sunak “says he wants to level up the North, but here, he brags about trying to funnel crucial investment away from impoverished areas,” according to Jake Berry, the head of the Northern Research Group of Conservative MPs.

The Truss supporter stated, “He talks one thing and does another – from raising taxes to trying to prevent financing for our armed troops and now levelling up.”

However, his defenders maintained that he was discussing one of the main objectives of levelling up—the transfer of wealth from large cities to smaller urban areas.

The mayor of Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, said: “Strangely, most Red Wall communities that voted Conservative for the first time in 2019—who have been left behind for decades—aren’t urban/city areas. That is precisely the goal of levelling up.

Rishi Sunak discusses how the local council financing formula discriminated against non-metropolitan areas in favour of cities by providing them less money for things like adult and children’s services, highways, and fire in the entire clip, which should be posted.

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