Prostitutes congregate in Davos for the annual gathering of the world’s elite as demand soars

Prostitutes congregate in Davos for the annual gathering of the world’s elite as demand soars

At the Davos summit, the global elite is addressing the world’s greatest problems, including gender inequality, which is fueling an increase in prostitutes in the Swiss resort town.

Salome Balthus (pictured), a sex worker and writer, is staying at a hotel near Davos during the summit
At the annual gathering of world leaders and business magnates who fly in from all over the globe to rub shoulders, the demand for sex services skyrockets.

During the five-day meeting that began on January 16, escorts are staying in the same hotels as high-powered executives and their employees.

Despite the fact that prostitution is allowed in Switzerland, Liana, a sex worker, says she dresses in business attire to blend in with the executives.

During the summit, Salome Balthus (pictured), a sex worker and author, is staying at a hotel near Davos.

She informed Bild that she frequently sees an American who frequents Switzerland and is one of the 2,700 conference attendees.

Liana’s hourly rate is approximately 700 euros, and her nightly rate is 2,300 euros including travel expenses.Demand for sex work skyrockets each year at the meeting of world leaders and business tycoons

The manager of an escort service in Aargau, 100 miles from the peak, has had 11 bookings and 25 inquiries, and she anticipates receiving many more this week.

She told 20 Minuten, “Some also hire escorts for themselves and their employees so they can party in a hotel suite.”

Salome Balthus, a sex worker and author, tweeted, “Date in Switzerland during #WWF means looking at the gun muzzles of security guards in the hotel corridor at 2 a.m. – and then sharing the giveaway chocolates from the restaurant with them and gossiping about the wealthy… #Davos #WEF.”

Demand for sex work skyrockets at the annual summit of world leaders and business magnates.Demand for sex work skyrockets each year at the meeting of world leaders and business tycoons

The 36-year-old is living in a hotel near Davos for the duration of the summit, but he refuses to disclose the identities of his influential clients.

She advised, “Trust me, you do not want to engage in litigation with them.”

According to a Swiss police official, an investigation by The Times in 2020 revealed that at least 100 prostitutes travel to Davos for the meeting.

One official driver for the forum reported that he picked up a sex worker who claimed her “boss” ordered her to sleep with an elderly client at a hotel for delegates.

This year’s meeting will include discussions on the Ukraine war, global inflation rates, climate change, and inequality.

Today, at the annual meeting, Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, will offer a rare foreign speech.

A springtime version of the event was staged eight months ago, despite the Covid-19 pandemic having derailed it for the previous two years.

Today, Alain Berset, president of Switzerland, Olena Zelenska, first lady of Ukraine, Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission, and Klaus Schwab, creator of the World Economic Forum, pose together.

On Tuesday, dozens of sessions will address varied topics, including gender parity, the comeback of manufacturing, the green transition, attempts to end tuberculosis, and the nexus of food, water, and energy, which will include actor Idris Elba.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Vice Premier of China Liu He are also among the speakers.

Nearly 600 top executives and more than 50 leaders of state or government are anticipated, although it is never apparent whether the gathering will result in actual action.

Regularly, detractors contend that the attendees of the elite conference are too out of touch or too profit- or power-driven to address the problems of common people and the world.

Critics and activists will wait outside the Davos conference center all week in an effort to hold decision-makers and business leaders accountable.

It began on Sunday, when dozens of climate activists, some wearing clown makeup, braved snowfall to wave banners and chant slogans at the end of the Davos Promenade, a thoroughfare lined with storefront logos of corporate giants such as Accenture, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Meta, as well as country ‘houses’ that promote national interests.

Greenpeace International has criticized the use of corporate aircraft to transport VIPs, claiming that such carbon-emitting transportation is hypocritical for an event promoting a cleaner world.

In May, it was reported that over 1,000 private jet aircraft arrived and departed from airports serving Davos.

Sunday, the head of the forum, Borge Brende, confirmed that certain government leaders and top executives fly in this manner.

‘I believe it is more important that we have agreements on how we will move forward and push the envelope with regard to the green agenda,’ he said


»Prostitutes congregate in Davos for the annual gathering of the world’s elite as demand soars«

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