Prophet Richard Ogunbayo: The Quintessential Man Of God In A Modern World

Prophet Richard Ogunbayo: The Quintessential Man Of God In A Modern World

Prophet Richard Ogunbayo is the quintessential man of God in a modern world. He is the Shepard in-charge of Celestial Church of Christ CCC Olutunu Central Parish located at Olubayo Street, Kola Alagbado, Lagos.

The reverend man of God has impacted spiritually into the lives of many people so much so that, men now sought to touch the helm of his garment in the belief that their problem would be solved.

In a recent encounter with the reverend man of God at his church auditorium, he spoke to Ayodele Oshikokhai about his background, divine calling and many more.


Question: Can you in a nutshell tell us about your divine calling and how you became a vessel in the hands of God?


I can say with all honesty that during my growing up in my home town of Ilaje, Ondo state, I had the mind to evangelize, preach and take the words of God to people’s domain, whenever they are found and to fulfil the apostolic charge of “Go ye and evangelize the world” in the same ways the apostles of old journeyed from Antioch to Corinth to plant the seed of Faith in people.

Before my divine calling, I might be sleeping and God will reveal Himself to me on what would happen in the next few days or weeks. God speaks directly to me and gives me instruction of what to do in order to save people from the evils of this world and to set man free from spiritual bondage.

“Clip the wings of the enemy from my children”, our heavenly father would say. “Your weapon is your white garments, Sword and the Holy Bible”.

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Today, after embracing the words of God in totality, I can see that every negative power that comes to my church bow down and any problem that is brought to me is solved by the power of God.

Question: what are the spectacular miracles God has used you for since the establishment of your church 26 years ago?


How God has been performing His miracles in the church since the establishment of Olutunu Parish in January 8, 1995 is not known to me.

There have been many cases of God’s miracles in the church. There was a day a mentally impaired woman was brought to my church for deliverance, the woman was healed that day after prayers.

God sent His thunder to destroy the tree in which her insanity originated from and she was set free.Another case was one Joshua, who was on the throe of death and all hopes for his survival was doubtful.

I then cried onto the Lord, that “if You are the one that actually called me to do this work, this man Joshua that I have brought before You must not die but, if You are not the One, let the man die”.

After my spoken words, God told me that I should give him a cup of water mixed with olive oil to drink. An hour later, the poison that was given to him by his close friend came out from his mouth and feaces and he was restored back to life.

Good enough, God has always blessed the members of my parish in all ways that I cannot explain why and how. In the area of education, almost all my members who are seeking admission into the university gained admission into their own choice of universities.

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About 80% of my parish members who chose University of Lagos (UNILAG) were given admission. Ironically, I do not know anybody in the university that helped with their admission yet they found themselves there yearly. I only went to Unilag once, when my son was having his convocation.

Question: what is the mind of God on the quest for the actualization of Oduduwa Republic


Beyond the divine miracle, I do not yield to self-adulation. I am like a lonely voice in the wilderness, like the sentry on the rooftop of the wall of Jerusalem fore warming about an impending battle.

I have consistently warned the nation about the grave consequences of undermining the youths by the government. I predicted an uprising by the youths against the government, that came to pass.

The action of the government snowball into the vengeance of the youths, that led to Lekki massacre and destruction of government properties throughout the nation. You can see that the promises of God will always come to pass, no matter what.

For example, when the children of God were held hostage in Egypt, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened but at the end when God’s anger was vested on Pharaoh and his armies, they all perished in the red sea, so when the time comes, we will be set free and Oduduwa Republic will come to be.

God does things in His own way. Those who are holding the Yoruba race hostage will set them free, it could be today, it could be even tomorrow, but definitely, when God’s time comes, the establishment of Oduduwa Republic will come to pass. Already, God is in action on the spiritual realm for the actualization of the agenda of freedom for the Yorubas.

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God is slow for the actualization because He does not want the blood of His people to be spilled. When the Egyptians held back for 200 years, it was only in one night that the Israelites were set free. All what we are seeing today is written down in the Holy Bible, that we will go through this phase.

God is warming us, not to work against one another, we should be truthful to ourselves; we should always come out clean with our hands. Despite the difficulties we are going through in the country, some people are still building houses, some are buying lands, some are buying cars.

Let use the little we have to help those who do not have. We should avoid stealing from anyone, so that we can receive the favour of God.