Privacy Fence: Everything You Need To Know

Privacy Fence: Everything You Need To Know

Fences are usually built to enhance protection and the feeling of security. While hanging out inside or outside your house, having a fence can give you peace of mind. You will not think about unwanted guests, kids falling into the pool unsupervised, or pets going out of the vicinity. 


Aside from the security it can give, the fence can enhance the overall value of your property. Your residence’s curb appeal can also be significantly improved by installing the fence of your choice. 


There are different types of fence and fencing materials out there. This article will tackle the pros and cons of privacy fencing. If you want the privacy fence Summerville, SC citizens love, make sure to call professional contractors to do the installation. 


What is privacy fencing?


A privacy fence is a structure made of rails, hardwood, stakes, or a combination of materials used to create a shield, boundary, or dividing line. Privacy fences have thirty (30) percent or less of their exterior area open for free passage of sunlight and air and are intended to obscure the activities behind them.


They are called privacy fences for a reason. Compared to other types of fences, a privacy fence can give you more privacy. It is suited for people who do not want people or passersby peeking through their property. 


What are the materials used in privacy fences?


Privacy fences can be made of various materials. You can choose what type to use on your property. 


Vinyl Privacy Fences


Vinyl is a prominent material for a privacy fence. It is long-lasting and low-maintenance because it never needs to be repainted. But if you want to, you can paint it to adapt it to the color of your house. You can also purchase colored vinyl. 


Vinyl privacy fences are more expensive than other options, but you can guarantee durability and be assured that your fence will last a long time. Vinyl is more durable than wood and will not rot, warp, or attract pests. You only need soap and water to clean it.


Wood Privacy Fence 


This is the most affordable option among all types of privacy fences. 

Wood fences can adapt to almost all types of homes and landscapes. Wood privacy fences are made of closely spaced pickets to provide solid backyard privacy. 


Pine, fir, spruce, white oak, and western red cedar are among the most popular wood species for fencing. Other species are a better choice if you have children or pets because pine and fir fence boards are typically pressure-treated, a process that involves toxic chemicals. 


We all know that wood fence is prone to rot. Hence, regular maintenance is required for all types of wood to protect it from pests, rot, warping, and other damage. 


Stone or Brick Privacy Fence 


Brick, stone, or concrete are all excellent choices for ultimate privacy. They are durable and long-lasting. 


However, while brickwork and stone can create a stunning decorative piece in your yard, it is not always at the top of everyone’s aesthetic wishlist. In addition, concrete, while equally effective, is also less chosen in terms of its overall facade. 


All of these options are low-maintenance and long-lasting and make it more difficult for animals to gain access to the rest of your property.


How much does a privacy fence cost?


A privacy fence typically costs between $1,788 and $6,961, with a national average price of around $4,375. Of course, the total cost will depend on the type of privacy fence you will choose. As mentioned, if you want to install a privacy fence on a budget, wood fencing is your best choice. Your location and the size of your property will significantly affect the total price of installation. 


The average homeowner spends between $1,788 and $6,961 on a privacy fence. The national average price, including material and labor costs, is around $4,375.


»Privacy Fence: Everything You Need To Know«

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