Prisoners request for pay increment as cost of living increases in jail

Prisoners request for pay increment as cost of living increases in jail

Inmates at HMP Wakefield are demanding a pay rise to cover the increase in prices in their jail shop as the cost-of-living crisis hits prisoners. According to The Sun, the prisoners are finding it difficult to afford their vaping products and basic items such as toothpaste and shower gel. Even the price of essentials like Weetabix is reportedly escalating.

Those serving life sentences for crimes such as murder have also raised concerns, complaining that the food in the dining hall is served too early. Inmates have also expressed dissatisfaction about not having access to kettles.

David Hine, of Victim Care, has criticized the situation, stating that the victims of homicide and violent crime are not given enough care despite only 0.01% of the justice budget being spent on them. He also expressed his belief that no one cares about the prisoners’ struggles in prison.

Inmates who work or are in education can earn a wage of between £10 and £20 per week, which can be spent in the prison’s catalogue. However, the report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons reveals that wages are not keeping pace with the increasing price of goods, and prisoners, especially those waiting for jobs, have complained about this issue.

His Majesty’s Prison Wakefield is a men’s prison in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, housing around 600 prisoners. The prison shop provides a wide range of catalogues, with 60% of respondents saying it provides things they need. Nonetheless, the cost-of-living crisis has affected the affordability of goods for inmates, who are calling for a pay rise to cover the rising prices.

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