Priscilla Molina is a signature designer in Los Angeles

Priscilla Molina is a signature designer in Los Angeles

Priscilla Molina is a signature designer in Los Angeles who creates a minimum of 300 custom signatures per month, offering packages that include up to three ways to sign, limitless drafts or a new set of initials. She charges between $10 to $55 and serves professionals and famous people looking for new ways to sign autographs. Molina and other signature doctors promise a range of styles, including elegant, subtle, dramatic, sharp, classic, artistic, condensed, curvy, legible or illegible. They offer templates and stencils and encourage clients to practice their newfound John Hancocks, with results in a short couple of weeks if they put in the time.

Signature makeovers are in demand because people are tired of how they sign their names. They’re unhappy with their signatures and want to convey a message relating to who they are. Molina believes that signatures allow people to reinvent themselves and add some intentionality to their presentations. It’s also an artistic pursuit. However, when a client’s signature must be matched with a signature on file, it could be a problem, but the companies offer a writing template to help clients become more proficient in signing the new way.

James Green, a certified document examiner who has testified in more than 140 legal cases worldwide, went through the customer experience at one of the signature design companies. He paid for a package that included three options. Green believes that if clients request a simplistic signature style or limit it to their initials, the opportunity for fraud increases. The company Green used, Signature Pro, provided a writing template to help him become more proficient in signing the new way.

In Miami, cargo pilot Juan Herrera pursued a signature makeover after his wife gave him a $750 Montblanc pen. He realized “my signature looked like my daughter’s in fourth grade.” He saw a post on Facebook from VipArtni Calligraphy Studio and decided to dive in, paying about $99 for 10 signatures from which to choose. He received practice sheets and soon became proficient in the one he picked. Most of the customers of VipArtni are in the United States, and they create signatures for 30 to 70 clients a month, charging $99 to $129.

Yevgeniya Ruzanova, the co-founder of VipArtni, said she and an old friend launched the company during the pandemic, providing fancy digital signatures before expanding their offerings. Among their services is providing videos so clients can see their new signatures drawn, stroke by stroke. It takes some people around three days to get used to the new signature if they practice 15 to 20 minutes daily, but it all depends on how much effort they put into learning something new.

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