Prince William to Attend FA Cup Final and Hosts Garden Party Celebrating Volunteers

Prince William to Attend FA Cup Final and Hosts Garden Party Celebrating Volunteers

...By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

The Prince of Wales, who also serves as the chairman of the FA (Football Association), will be attending the highly anticipated FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United on Sunday.


As part of his role, Prince William will also present the trophy to the winning team after the match.

Chelsea secured their place in the final with a 1-0 victory over Aston Villa, while Manchester United advanced with a 3-2 win against Brighton.

Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Before the final, Prince William hosted a garden party at Buckingham Palace, honoring the contributions of volunteers, military personnel, and members of the public.

The event aimed to recognize their dedication and service to various causes.

Dame Elizabeth Watts’s Memorable Encounter

During the garden party, Prince William had an encounter with 93-year-old Dame Elizabeth Watts, who has witnessed the past three Coronations.

Dame Elizabeth, from Solihull, shared her experiences with Prince William, recounting how she attended Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation and slept on the pavement for three nights.


She also mentioned having measles during King George’s Coronation when she was seven years old.

Despite not being able to watch the Coronation on television at that time, she remembered having an accumulator radio.

Emotional Significance of the Garden Party

Dame Elizabeth expressed her gratitude for being invited to the garden party and shared her surprise at the nomination by the St John Ambulance Service, recognizing her 79 years of voluntary service.

She mentioned her current involvement in committees, although she is unable to participate in events anymore.

Dame Elizabeth has been actively engaged in various roles, from being a cadet to running a cadet division and serving as the deputy commissioner.

Analysis and Commentary

Prince William’s attendance at the FA Cup final highlights the significant role he plays in British football as the chairman of the FA.

His presence adds prestige to the event and underscores the royal family’s connection to the sport.

The act of presenting the trophy to the winning team showcases the tradition of royalty’s involvement in sporting events and reinforces the historical ties between the monarchy and football in the UK.


The garden party hosted by Prince William at Buckingham Palace reflects his dedication to recognizing and appreciating the contributions of volunteers and individuals who serve their communities.

It highlights the importance of volunteerism and the positive impact it has on society.

The encounter with Dame Elizabeth Watts, who has witnessed significant historical events, adds a personal touch to the event and underscores the enduring nature of service and dedication.

In conclusion, Prince William’s involvement in both the FA Cup final and the garden party demonstrates his commitment to sports and community engagement.

These events provide opportunities for the royal family to connect with the public, celebrate achievements, and recognize the invaluable work of volunteers and individuals who make a difference in their communities.


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